Rational it is to be?

The voices raging in my head

The depression weighing me heavy in my bed

I here you o voices in my head, but for now you are but dead

My thoughts raging, turning, boiling over, spilling acidic wetness on my body

It hurts to much to think, I can barely lift my arms, so slow and consuming the dread

The voices feel pain of the thought I have made them dead

How can I trust what is in my head

I have made this up you see, that is what my rational sees

You are no more crazy then Fred are you

You are just lazy and don’t want to see, what the world sees

Rational, that’s what I need; rational is what I will be

I will go back to the world I rejected or did it reject me

I will take in the world you see cause that is what rational wants me to be

I don’t need to be in my bed, look upon the world and feel no dread

I can’t you see, because that crazy Fred is me, rational or not for me to be

I can no longer do as you would see, thoughts burning behind hidden eyes

What can you do when rational is all your supposed to be

How can I trust what is in my head

I can no longer trust my thoughts you see for rational is not a part of me


One Response to “Rational it is to be?”

  1. Rational is not a part of any of us. It’s all a matter of degrees.

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