Change hurts, but can also be good

I am not going to post the post that I was going to post because it would hurt many feelings and I am not going to be that way, I will just say this, things are going tom change around here and no one is going to like it.

With much irritation and aggravation,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “Change hurts, but can also be good”

  1. What is it that’s going to change?

    • i had a huge reply going and i deleted it, basiclly i am not taking care of myself, i am not eating enough, not drinking enough water and not taking care of my phyiscal needs, we all need to get on the same sleep schedule, so the combonation of not eating, not drinking and not sleeping is catching up with me and fucking my whole phyiscal and mental system up, that is the gist of it. i was going to post a raging post out therre on the injustice of it all but decided it was too much trouble to really explain the changes i want made, much better to do it in a family meeting.

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