Ok time for a real post, from me to all of you

First I am so drained, have no energy anymore.

My guess is at this point you guys are sick of seeing me put music videos out here so I figured I would try and put a real post out here considering the only one I did today was a little vague, understatement right?

Well it seems I am having actual trouble with my body, not my mind but with my body, it seems that my current lifestyle is catching up with me. I don’t eat enough, and I don’t drink as much water as I need, I usually drink nothing but Diet Pepsi and well I am starting to notice. On top of that I don’t sleep very well, I am in a constant state of semi sleep all night long due to my worry over my wife, and the only real sleep I get is between 8am and 11am, nanny gets up around 8 am so I know that there is someone who will wake me if anything happens or if something is needed. And then there is the constant state of worry over her in general and it is hitting me hard, I won’t go into great detail about what is doing but needless to say I need a lot of water and lots more sleep. I need to see the dentist for my mouth, this is kind of gross but in a way it kind of cool. I have what looks like a raised tunnel that goes from the right back side of my jaw to the middle of the front of my lower jaw, it is sensitive to the touch, and it is uncomfortable to have in my mouth but it doesn’t hurt it is just there. I don’t know what it is and I am thinking it isn’t good, funny thing you would think it would be on the side of my mouth that I chew tobacco on but nope it is on the opposite side and it runs from the damaged tooth in the back of my jaw, so we are thinking some kind of infection or possible swelling from the bad tooth. I don’t know and right now I can’t concern myself with it, it will have to wait like the other things that I need to do that takes money. Oh and Gerri got a massage today for about an hour and said that it really helped out with the pains in her chest, cost me only 40 dollars, yes I will spend what money I have on my wife and not myself, seems a little selfish of me but it is very ok with me. Well it only cost 30 but we gave her a 10 dollar tip for coming to the house. Well that is all I can think about right now. Thank you all for bearing with my music tirade today and tonight, music seems to help a lot, the louder the better that way all I can hear in my head is the music and the cries of others, it is so bad that it makes me want to cry not to listen to them and to allow them to come forward again, buy until I can find out for real they have to stay where they are, but only for now, I hope. And I am out of chew again only took 12 cans this time.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “Ok time for a real post, from me to all of you”

  1. It’s a hard thing to do, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of Gerri, either. It’s like they say in airplanes, secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Don’t run yourself into the ground.

    • well it seems to late for that my friend, i am in the ground. i have been doing this since september of last year and i am whooped, physically and mentally, i am thinking of buying myself a huge powerful desktop and start to play my DDO Dungeons and Dragons online game again it is better that WOW and cheaper each month but we will see a computer like that could set me back several thousand dollars and i would have to buy a desk and chair cause i got rid of mine plus gotta have 7.1 surround sound to plat my music on, but like i said we will see. oh they have found my missing money or have i told you about that, ok well the SSA sent it to my bank which the account was closed and they sent it certified to my old address and well it should be at the post office tomorrow, so let the fun begin maybe as soon as this weekend dylan and i can get to Wolfs Lodge. and again the SSA hasnt changed my account information and i have to call them back tomorrow and i have told them a ton of times i have a government issued debit card, idiots

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