Here is hoping to a great rest of the week…..

Well I am hoping that the next day or so brings some changes in the financial world I apparently don’t live in. I don’t know if I have told anyone about this but the SSA screwed up again, they sent several checks to a bank account that was closed, but I apparently owed money on, ok no big deal, part of the big deal is I have told the SSA many times that the account was closed, but they sent it to them anyways, they know I have a government issued debit card that all my payments should go to, but they haven’t used it, instead they sent it to my old bank. I am not upset too much over this because I now know where my money is, the bank after taking the money out that I still owed them, but they can’t explain the expenditures to me, has sent the remaining fund via certified letter in the form of a cashier’s check to my old address. Ok so I didn’t put in a change of address form, my fault. So while I was talking to the bank for over an hour trying to find out about what they did with my money, I get to a manager and he is telling me that a cashier’s check is just like cash and that anybody that signs for the letter can basically cash it, so I asked him if he could put a stop payment on the check and just issue me the funds from the local branch. Well no can do they wouldn’t be able to do that till the certified letter came back to them and the post office holds certified letters for 3 days and then it would have to be processed back through the banks system another one or two days, so we are looking at five days waiting, so he came up with a decent idea, and it is only decent because I didn’t think of it first, to check the location information on the letter and find out where it is, he sent it on Friday the 13thand it left the Louisville sorting area today so he told me to call the local post office and he would to and tell them to hold all mail for that address and especially any certified letters and I would come and pick them up. So I have to call the post office in the morning and see if they have gotten it and see if they have held it. So both of us have called the post office and they said they would hold all mail for that former address, I am going to put in a change of address tomorrow, which I should have already done.

hopefully some time for fun and family for once

So we could be on go for a weekend trip with the son, or with all of us, doesn’t matter to me which one comes first. See Dylan and I want to go to Wolfs Lodge at Kings Island, the hotel Wolfs Lodge has an indoor water park and we can swim and ride down slides to our hearts content and get as water logged as we can, or we will go to a state park and I will make sure it has a swimming area and momma can get here nature fix, I am hoping that the cabin has double doors or a sliding glass door so that she can look out of it and see the nature she needs to see, and if it is cool enough and not an ozone day perhaps she can spend a few minutes outside, soaking in the nature she needs, I am even going to find her a sage bundle she can use to clarify herself, hoping I can swing that last one. I am thinking that we take momma first that way Dylan and I won’t feel so bad about momma not going with us to have fun at the water park and the other park, I just want them both to be able to get what they want and need, as for me I want a new desk top computer, with a huge monitor 24 inch and 7.1 surround and a kick ass graphics card that will probably cost more than both trips combined, that will allow me to get back into my game I used to play a lot DDO Dungeons and Dragons online to me it is better than WOW and I am hoping that my account is still there I had a kick ass level 24 ranger, but it has been so long since I have played I am afraid I will have to start all over again, which is cool they have some new character classes I could look into. I think I had better rent a car for the travel that way it will have AC, so momma won’t get to hot on the ride, I wonder if Nanny would like to go, at least to the state park? Well will fill you in on then morrow and give you an update and I sure hope the park has wifi, oh and I need to get a new camera or borrow one of Nannies to take pics to show you guys what we have been up to.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

P.S. Can you tell I am a little excited about this?????!!!!!


5 Responses to “Here is hoping to a great rest of the week…..”

  1. ok here ia an update on getting my check, finally, so me and Mr. Wright have been calling back and forth all day because the post office sent my certified letter to a completely different zip code that was on the other side of town, so we both called the post office there and had them look to see if it was there or if a carrier had it now the only street name close to my old address was blackburn in that part of town, so we were stumped and all we could do was wait till all of the carriers got back and then we could find out where the damn thing went, well around 330pm Mr. Wright calls me and tells me that he has the check sitting on his desk and that it had the right address on it and it had been returned on the 17th yesterday so that meant that the post office in Valley Station had it yesterday and instead of holding it like they said they would the sent it back to sender, so Mr. Wright who turned out to be a much older man than i thought told me he would meet me at my local branch and deliver the check to me this very afternoon so here this guys drives all the way across town just to deliver the check, mission accomplished, so i go round to the drive thru and tell the cashier that i have a sizeable cashiers check from the very bank i was at and do you think that they could cash it, well the guy asked for the amount and his jaw dropped, i mean it is a bank before i am sure you have dealt with bigger checks than mine, well the screen goes blank and a woman gets on there and says they couldnt cash it through the drive up, and that if i wanted it cashed it would take her a week to order the money, but wait dont you have a vault full of money right inside and if you dont have the money for my check how are you doing all those transactions that you do all day, me knowing it is more than the check i have in my hand. so know i have to call the bank in the morning and they are going to try to find a bank that will have the money to cash it i dont want an account i already have the government debit card that all my future payments will go onto, so i already have a bank the US Treasury. so we will see what we will see tomorrow, i will keep you posted.

  2. I don’t reckon it’s *completely* the first positive post, but it’s a pleasure to read! I really hope you get to go the country – I think it will be really good for all of you.

    • We got reservation form the 13th of August to the 19th of August, so we should have a good time Dan Kline

      “You wonder at the future. What will the world hold for us all? And what will consciousness mean if we as men can create it? What is divinity, humanity? What is anything, after all, if anything can be manufactured… We must preserve somehow, above all things, our sense of self, our identity. For without it, we are lost, like teardrops in the rain.”

  3. oh and i gotta buy swimming trunks, i dont even own a pair, imagine how white my legs are gong to be but i dont care this is for my son.

  4. I just realized that this is the first positive post i have ever put out here, yay me!

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