In much appreciation. thank you…..

Reader Appreciation Award









Well a wonderful thing happened to us today we were nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by my fellow blogger and phenomenal friend, I really want to say thank you to her for this. I have some things that I apparently need to include in this post and I will put them on here. I do have to say that her page is insightful and intuitive and very well written even when she doesn’t think so, lol. Go by and check out her blog and find out for yourself. Ok on to the requirements.

The rules of this award are as follows:

  1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
  2. Answer the 10 questions below for fun, if you want to.
  3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs that you enjoy, or you pick the number.
  4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominees with a link to your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
  5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

The Questions:

  • What is your favorite color? Funny I don’t have one favorite color I have many depending on my mood, but I have to pick one I would say today it is orange.
  • What is your favorite animal? Something sleek and powerful and very stealthy, I am going with the Aortic Timber Wolf
  • What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? I don’t drink non-alcoholic drinks, sorry love my beer.
  • What do you prefer Twitter or Face book? I will have to say that my involvement with Face book has been nothing but drama, and I have a twitter account but don’t use it.
  • What is your favorite pattern? The rings of a tree.
  • Would you rather receive or give presents? I do give all the normal presents on the normal days, and I would rather give than receive, but I like to give the just because gifts, like if you are walking through the mall or a store and think well so and so would like that or it would be cool to get them that just because it caught your eye and made you think of that person those are the gifts I like to give.
  • Favorite number? I have never had a lucky number, and I am not going to make one up.
  • Favorite day? I would have to say May 31st, the day I married my wife.
  • Favorite flower? Now this is one that is very hard yet easy to answer, only because I love all flowers, but my favorite is the purple iris, I have it tattooed on the inside of my let arm surrounded by tribal designs.
  • Passion? Reading, my family, camping and all the outdoor type of things that I haven’t done in a long time. Oh and tattoos, I have a few and well I think they are pretty cool and each one has meaning, and I think it is time for a few new ones to be inked upon my skin.

My Nominations:

I have gotten a lot of great support from each and every site nominated above, they have given freely of themselves and taken nothing in return except my undying gratitude, and support for each and every one of them. The last one on my list is realitively new to reading my blog but I have so much in common with her and her husband Mark and they really need all the support they can get, she does so much and it doing while dealing with her own issues at the same time, please go to her site and if nothing else just read about their lives, I would take it as a personal favor from each of you if you would please.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

19 Responses to “In much appreciation. thank you…..”


    well thank you honey, does it count that I am your wife? Nice stories btw. unsure that I deserve this but if you think I do then thank you for supporting me. I am just here for you mainly. thank you honey


    well thank you honey…does it count that i am your wife? You sure have some pretty good stories…lol. thank you for the nomination. not sure how worthy I am since i AM your wife and I would support you no matter what. thank yhou

  3. You’re a strong man SGT. Dan, to know you feel that way about me means more than I can express. You’ve been a huge support, especially in the last few days. Thank you for that. Just being able to VENT helped, knowing that you GOT it helped a lot too.
    I love your answers above. We do have a lot in common. All of us do to some extent, dealing with a mental illness. But some are connected a little more than others. 🙂
    Thank you!

    • That rhymed. I have a gift I wasn’t aware of. Maybe I should take up writing poetry! Naw, probably not gonna happen. 🙂

      • i think my laptop hates me, i was typing my reply to you sand bam it just disappeared off the screen so i dont know if it sent or not so i will give you the run down on my reply, sometimes prose or poems just happen if you concentrate on one thing the next thing you know you have written a poem, happens to me all the time, i especially have an affinity with hastywords she actually brings out the poet in me with her poems, so i will reply with a poem, stranger things are bound to happen, like i might get to be a better typer, lol

      • HA! Ya, you never know. I could become a poet and you could become amazing at typing!
        PS. That happens to me ALL the time, writing something up and it disappears. A lot of times its a wordpress thing

      • well in my professional life i am an architectural designer, or was for the last several years but due to deployments, yes i went from active to the NG or nasty girls as we used to call them, anyway i only use three finger on each hand to type due to the program i used to draw with called AutoCad i used alot of keyboard shortcuts that only were one to three letter long so it became ingrained in me, do you realize that my unit in the KYARNG was deployed more times in the past 5 years than any of the soldiers at Ft. Campbell, we went 4 times in five years and the last one i had to go on even though i had been 5 times already i was supposed to be in the rear which means state side and another NCO broke his leg in a accident and i had to take his place, god i hate the desert, i am glad i am out now they leave for Africa in October

      • I know Autocad 🙂 Before I was a publicist I was an interior/exterior designer. It’s a strange and awesome thing to see something you designed from the ground up become real. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to doing it though.If anything went wrong, like the furniture coming in all beat up, it was my fault even if it wasn’t my fault. Which is hard for me to take as I want everything right and everyone happy. I see every mistake and it drives me crazy. I have to drive by one project several times a week and cringe with the feeling of failure.Here’s a link to some of the work I did. Don’t look too close at the furniture. 🙂
        I’m glad you’re not going to the desert too. You’ve served your time!

      • i dont really see anything wrong with what you have done and if the estate is as beautifully desinged as it looks then you did a wonderful job, i wish that i could show my portfolio but i had a nondisclousre and ai wasnt able to use the work i did for myself, hell i could drive you to most but not the ones i have done in texas, california, florida, and montana some very large houses in those states and severasl it was a snowball effect in texas once i had one about halfway complete i would have 3 more waiting in the wings i did a total of 12 houses just outside of dallas and each wasnt less than 3 mil a piece

      • Crazy commonalities 🙂 I only did those 2 huge projects and then some smaller ones. The mall furniture is where I beat myself up. And I HATE the color of Umpqua Bank. But they like it so I can get over that. I worked a lot on the estate (I made like $3000 MAYBE for that job) but haven’t seen it done. The pool was mine so it would be nice to see it finished. The owner was my allergy doctor, it was kind of sad because he put so much time into this 20,000 s/f estate, you saw all the detail, that he missed out on life. He has 4 school aged kids. There was just all this MONEY put into that place, even though he was the biggest tight wad I had ever met. Which is why he hired me! I’m a complete pushover when it comes to charging. I always figured that if I like doing it I shouldn’t get paid. I know what you’re thinking… my husband says the same thing. 🙂 At first I was blown away by the amount of money I was spending. (owners money!) But it quickly became just a number.
        I think what bothers me most about those buildings, and why putting those pictures together ended up being a bad idea, is the fact that the owners didn’t care. I put everything I had into it and I know that I did well. I’m not confident in much, but those buildings have flourished in large part because of the work I did. But never even a thank you.
        It sounds like you got to work on some awesome projects all over the map! I’m sure they were well done or you wouldn’t have been in demand!

  4. […] am really happy to share that I have been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by both Dan Kline and Make Up and Mirtazapine. Thank you to you both for your support and appreciation.  Of course I […]

  5. Bourbon Says:

    Thanks Dan! 😀 x

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