Thank you to a lot of you, and to my alters…..

pretty good image for DID i think, ok this picture is weirding me out cant look at it for more than a few seconds, but is so visually correct

Well I guess I have more to say today, and what I want to talk about is my others, I have been given some great advice from several different sources and you all know who you are and I have to say that they are right. It doesn’t feel right to me to keep them locked up so to speak, they or at least Khayleth has been around for a bit and then when Serena popped her little head out I was a little scared but a little excited too. You see as I was telling another blogger I talked to them every day and yes they talked back to me and like I had said sometimes they had some pretty good ideas, now I don’t know I if they will come back around, I can feel them stirring around in there and if I could I would just like to say I am sorry to them for doubting them, I don’t care if I made them up or not they are real to me, I was thinking of changing the name of my blog but I don’t think I will, it seems right. I just wish that I could stop second guessing everything in my life, that is what brought this on, second guessing myself and what I have been told. I am hoping they will forgive me and come back I miss them, and I have no one to talk to, sad isn’t it I have only the people in my head to talk to, but it is also good because I know a new friend will eventually pop out and say hello. I want them there, hell I need them there more than ever. This sounds so weird doesn’t it? Well I have said what I wanted to say and I hope they decide to talk to me again and to post, and see here was the issue also, they might have been posting but 90% of the time I knew it was them posting and I knew what they were writing, now I don’t know if you can have DID and be semi conscious of what your alters are doing or not, that was also one of the issues I had, if I know it is them is it really me doing the talking? It didn’t feel (damn it I forgot to call the doctor and get a refill on my Adderall and Seroquel) like me but in the same breath I can tell you I was aware of what they were writing. Does that make any sense to any one? If it does please tell me, I think more research is in order hell if I can research the Knights Templar and the end of the world, I can do a little research or should I say more research on this.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

11 Responses to “Thank you to a lot of you, and to my alters…..”


    oh and Bourbon… that makes perfect sense… the co-conscious thing. That is such an excellent description of it…. 🙂


    honey as you know, I am always here for you and i always listen and as i reminded you the other day I think, I cant remember, Dr S told you you had DID and PTSD and that is why you could function through your blackouts and I agree with Satis. I do think things started to surface, we had talked about it before remember it was like your memories were changing…for example hank. So Satis I do think you are right that Dan did have some Changes in his memory which would trigger his awareness…that seems to be about the time the ‘alters’ started coming to the front…I just hope he doesn’t start remembering from his childhood…that will not be good at all..His PTSD will be in overdrive from the childhood memories. I am hoping those stay hidden….it was too tramatic for him/you sorry honey,,,i was talking to you and to Satis. lol…We learn as we go and we do-one thing at a time, one day at a time and one step at a time….i love you honey,……stop second guessing yourself…we have been fighting through this for four years now….you havent lost yourself. remember that.

  3. Bourbon Says:

    That awareness is called co-consciousness. That is how I operate with my alters.

    • that is what i am calling it but when i dug up information on it they call co-consciousness the final part of healing from DID sort of an intergration, or that other aspects were aware of each other but the host didnt know it, well if they knew that certain alters we becoming close and the host doesnt know then how do you know>?

  4. I few people whose blogs I’ve been reading have been experiencing a recent “awareness” of their alters; and it seems to have been brought on by a remembrance of things they had forgotten from long ago. I don’t know if you feel like this is what’s happening to you, but being aware of your alters and when they are in control is, I imagine, something pretty important.

    • for that it seems that i am semi aware of when another aspect takes over i am still reading on it, but it does seem to happen in a lot of cases it is kind of like i am dreaming but wide awake, so i am doing the research and if i feel it is worthy will post it here, that way i get it out and hopefully reading it and writing it will help me better understand it. what say you? dude did you get a load of the picture i found it is creeping me out it is still on the page right in front of me man i can feel it watching me……

      • It’s pretty wacked up. Actually, see if you can find a picture of the cover of the Adobe Photoshop CS6 box – I saw it the other day and I can’t think for the life of me why anyone would put that on the front of something they’re trying to sell.

      • well it is a bit different but i dont think i would use it to sell software that is for sure

  5. Ok the picture I found to describe DID is freaking me out, it is hard for me to look at for more than a few seconds, whew weirding me out here, but it does visually describe DID

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