A talk with the others…..

Khayleth I know you are upset and you too Serena and I want you both to know that I am doing my best to control anger, he has said his piece and it was hurtful and violent, at least in my mind and to my keyboard, he has got to be put in his place and I don’t know if my blog is the correct place to do it.

I am here to guide and protect you when and will I can,

Yes but lad he called both Serena and I some very foul names, and said some very vicious things to you, would that I could I would take and make him sorry fer his werds of hate an anger, he does little but harm ye and yet you let im and only argue with him.

What would you have me do he is as much a part of me as you and Serena, he will never leave not all the way, some anger is required in life but not like he has been today.

Daniel you sat that some anger is needed in life but not the type of anger that controls you and defines you, you are not that person anymore, you are better than that now, and you know it. We have given you other ways to handle different situations other than relying on anger. What was the first thing you did when you noticed that they had messed up your tattoo?

I got angry, and I felt that I was right to be angry, don’t you?

Aye lad ye had a right to be angry, but not to let the anger consume ye, and let it control yer very actions, I admit that anger is justified when defending yer self or protecting yer self and I am sure Serena would agree with that.

I do agree with that but we must not let it become the norm again, we will spiral back down into the depths we are trying very hard to rise above, you can and will be able to do this, I have very much faith in you and so does the God and Goddess and they do not see you anger as a weakness but much like a tool to be used when needed for certain jobs.

Sometimes he is hard to control and gets way out of hand and then I have to rein him back in and it takes so much energy to do so, what if one day he gets so angry that he ends up the host and I am pushed back in the rank and file.

And I will protect your back whenever you need, we need not rely on anger for that.

Ah lad ye have no reason to fear that for you are stronger by far than him, you have all yer life kept him in check and he has no more control than ye allow him to have and remember this ye always have her and me to be at yer side

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “A talk with the others…..”


    no worries honey……they are right…you have come a long way with controlling anger. Still needs some tweaks but you are stronger than you realize….No worries….I love you.

  2. “And I will protect your back whenever you need, we need not rely on anger for that.”

    two thumbs up…

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