I could have raised all kinds of Hell…..

I have to say I am quite proud of myself, I was going to go back to the tattoo shop and raise all kinds of holy hell about the P in my tattoo but why, I mean what can they do about it is already done and going back up there to cause a fight will do nothing but get people hurt and cause a lot of drama I really don’t need, so I called the shop and told the guy to forget it that me coming up there would only create drama they and I don’t need it is already done I will just have to live with it. I am getting to old to take on more than one guy at a time anyway, and this guy has a mouth that would surely get both of us in trouble and I am sure they are talking shit about me right now and that is fine, I am above shit talking anyway, well it might have made one hell of a story though, after I got out of jail.

pissed off again

And I am upset with Gerri, I walked into the house and I had bought her a new phone and some t-shirts cause the ones she has roll up on her arms and is uncomfortable, and after I showed her what I got and gave her, her new phone I told her that I wasn’t feeling good and before I even finished she pops out and says well I don’t feel good either, like I didn’t already know that, cant I once say I am not feeling good and her not turn it around on me to put the focus on her, damn it I am here every day I know she is not feeling well, but at least validate how I feel by at least asking what was wrong with me which she didn’t do. She snapped at me I snapped at her and I got pissed and was walking to my room in a huff when Dylan pops out of his room and asks what am I doing today, well hell I have nothing to do why I ask, because I am bored, fuck the little shit spent the night at his aunties house and all day the next day and he gets home falls asleep and then wakes up bored, fuck that give me a damn break here people, I just said I wasn’t feeling good, I out to take that 350.00 phone out of her ass, all she does is lose the fucking thing anyway and Dylan he can just STFU, he does not but complain and doesn’t even use the shit he has at home to even try to keep himself entertained ( damn I forgot to put on deodorant ) he has everything that a boy at 12 years old could have all the gadgets all the electric things and yet he is always bored, what about me I know they have to think about ne cause they ask me to do a lot of shit, run here, buy this and my favorite is this one, well I really need this. I am tired mentally and physically and it is because of the heat right now, temp is low but humidity is very high so 82 feels like 102, I really need to go put on deodorant or take a fucking shower or something I stink, whew. Not feeling so proud of myself right this second, and has Gerri even asked me what I am feeling like no and I would probably chew here head off if she even opened my door and Dylan too.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

It really bothers me that my tattoo doesn’t look exactly like the picture I gave them. I don’t think that Khayleth and Serena like the new tattoo, by the way. They haven’t said anything about it but I just get the sense they don’t approve.


One Response to “I could have raised all kinds of Hell…..”

  1. You know, I am sorry about this man, but it’s hard to hear someone talk about the very thing that is upsetting you. Of course you know Gerri doesn’t feel well, but it doesn’t stop it hurting when it seems like you can’t even mention your own discomfort.

    I have this exact same issue at home, because my own wife is often ill, and it happens with our anger, too – I would say she gets angry more often than me, but I explode like a nuclear bomb when I get angry, and so it feels like I suddenly have no right to be upset when she gets angry.

    I think the only solution (and I’m still working on it!) is for both people to try and understand that each other’s feelings are equally valid, even if they seem of less importance than your own.

    Good for you for not letting this get too bad.

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