this is what i feel like, but i aint doing anything about it

Right then I feel like a fucking coward I know the tattoo is wrong and I know I should go up there and shove it the fucking guys face that he fucked up, it is what I would normally do, so why am I sitting on the fucking bed typing this fucking post. Fuck that bald headed son of a bitch he fucked up and I should at least get half my money back, and yet I am not going up there because boohoo it might cause some fucking drama, I have to live with this tattoo the rest of my fucking like and live with the fucking fact that it is not right, not what I wanted done. So fuck this stupid shit, and yet I still haven’t made a move to go up there, am I scared of this guy am I worried I might get beat up, no, I could care less about that, am I worried that I will go to jail, sorry been there done that already got the fucking t-shirt to prove it. So what is stopping me from going up there and releasing my anger about this out on the guy, am I such a sniveling coward, am I scared, what the fuck is wrong with me, get up and go, let anger freely have a role in this and tell them and if you have to, show them how pissed you are. And still I sit, can’t make myself go, don’t want to use the energy it will take to even try to fuck with these guys. That’s it I have become the one thing I always knew would happen, I am now all talk and no action. I feel like I am letting myself down, I am angry and I feel like it is justified, but it is all shit I the wind. You fucking lazy coward, what happened to you, when did you lose your balls, are they even still there, so they work still?

With an apology, anger and regret,

Dan Kline

I have become a used to could……


4 Responses to “NO BALLS…..”

  1. These are some good suggestions here, Dan. It doesn’t make you brave to go picking a fight – you should know this. Your courage is in holding yourself back, and doing what is right.

    And I might be out of place saying this, but from the writing at least, it didn’t sound like Anger talking. It sounded like angry Dan, mad about something he has every right to be mad about. And that was very encouraging.

    • Thanks man, sorry it took so long to get back to you i am feeling not hung over today more like i am depressed, because i knew better than to go out in the mood i was in the first place

  2. You did great coming here to vent first, nothing wrong with you or lacking in your manhood. There are steps that help settle disputes of this nature and venting first was a smart move. Gives you a chance to think without all that adrenaline pumping through your system.

    1. First, carefully analyze the nature and cost of the wrong. Determine how much you have been damaged. How much money would it take to make you “whole” .

    2. Once you know what you want, a good way to start an attempted settlement is to call the person whom you feel is responsible.

    3. Calmly explain your side of the story and how you feel you were wronged. Do not gripe! You are not registering a complaint but are asking that the store or person compensate you for the wrong you feel they have done you.

    4. NEVER become abusive or upset. Yelling and shouting will only create hard feelings.

    5. Ask for specific compensation. Tell them exactly what you want to resolve the issue.

    6. If the person is unresponsive, or if you are unable to reach him by telephone, then write a letter explaining your complaint. . Send the letter by certified mail, return receipt requested. Remember to keep a copy of the letter. Try to be as clear and concise as you can and make sure you mail the letter to the correct address

    7. If a letter is unsuccessful in resolving the dispute, you should seriously consider filing suit.

    Good luck.

    • well i have to thank you for telling that venting in the first place was the thing to do, i think that the others get a little overwhelmed by my anger and some really dont know how to react to it. And i really did want to go up there but i chose not to. i am not going to worry over resompensation for this unfortunately even if i do get back some or all of my money the tattoo will still be there on my back for the rest of my life, time for me to live with it, my wife likes it my son says it looks like a bunch of lines but really that is what it is, so i am just going to relax, not worry over it and try to get it to heal correctly so it isnt messed up, you put s lot if thought and energy into your response and i want thank you for taking the time to validate my feelings, thank you

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