Make of this what you will…..

Make of this what you will, but tonight I found myself falling asleep earlier than usual around 945pm and I was asleep for a bit but then I became aware of feeling myself half asleep, kind of in a doze state I think, I became aware that my legs were crossed at the ankles and that my arms were crossed upon my chest and I can remember being asked questions for a bit, now I cannot remember what the questions were and really can only guess as to the reasons behind them but I feel they have to do with my faith, now onto an even weirder part of the experience during this time I felt as though I were asking questions, cross examining the prior questioners and that they were answering questions that I had for them, not much information to go on but I had to relate it before the little bit of details that I had slipped away, it woke me around 134am, and I had been laying on my back for quite awhile, and though I am not scared I am somewhat confused, because I do remember my alters, including anger helping with the answers, I think I am going to have a chew and then try to return to sleep. Like I said thin information but I thought it important enough to put out here to see if any have had other experiences.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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