Probably going out with the Fellas tonight…..

Well I am going out with the fellas tonight, the first time since Gerri has become sick, and well I feel like she should be going with, she was always considered one of the fellas and the always wanted her there, you see having a beautiful bubbly woman with you always attracted other women, she knows but they always treated her with great respect and curtsy, well she was my wife and all. But know I am feeling a little nervous it has been since well before she got sick that I have been out and about, dragging my sorry ass back and forth to the bar for a beer. I wonder if Mikey the bartender still works there or if any of the other regular folks are still there. Damn man where it isn’t even closed to time till I go out and I am nervous I still got 12 hours. Well another short little post about how I am feeling right this second. still debating on whether I should even go, or if Gerri even wants me to go, I know she won’t tell me no, it is a great stress reliever but like I said she usually goes with so we will see what it is like and if I am uncomfortable then I will leave and everybody else can worry for themselves.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


5 Responses to “Probably going out with the Fellas tonight…..”

  1. I’d like to think you deserve it. I’m sorry Gerri can’t be with you, but everyone needs a moment just to unwind, and forget.

  2. Hope you have a good evening, whether you decide to go out or not.

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