Finally got a break on the new bed situation…..

finally got a break in the bed looking department

Ok so for the last week or so Gerri and I have been looking for a adjustable bed that is a queen size and it splits in the middle so that if one person needs to sit up or raise the feet up the other person is not bothered, and well we have seen everything from $3000.00 to $6000.00 just for the base alone that is without the mattress and well that is just way too much to be spending on a bed. So as Dylan and I were moseying around town today looking at mattresses and getting him registered for school and well just plain goofing off in 105 degree weather we went to Sleep Outfitters and I found the most awesome hybrid bed that a person could want it had soft sides and gel support and memory foam and a four inch pillow top, it was the most comfortable bed I have ever lain in, in my life. I instantly fell in love with it and it wasn’t even half of what the frames for the other beds cost, so I snapped it up I got the mattress, box springs, frame, two I love my pillow pillows and Dylan wanted a tempurpedic neck pillow and a mattress pad for, wait, wait for it, ok I got the whole thing for $1605.98 and that included set up, delivery and haul away if I wanted. I was so fucking happy, of course it didn’t move but Gerri was ok with that and it was being delivered tomorrow so we were going to be sleeping in our new bed tomorrow night. Ok now notice that I have been talking in past tense, well here is the thing and this always happens to me whether it is a bed or a job once I make a decision something better always comes along right after I either pay for it or I accept the job. Not even 10 minutes after I got home a guy that I called last night about an adjustable bed called me and well I told him I had already purchased a bed and he said how much and I told him and he said what if I can get you what you want for $2400.00, I said I had already bought a bed and he said that it was the same bed that I bought but it was a split adjustable and it had the same type of mattress that I had just bought but with a non slip cover so it would move with the bed, well I was already stressed to the hilt from trying to find a bed all day plus all the internet time I had put in doing the research into what type of bed was best for people with COPD so I was like nope thanks but I already got one, he sad look what if I can get you what you wanted in the first place for even cheaper than what I am already giving it to you for. I told him that he was going to drop it curbside and I would have to figure out how to get it inside I was all by myself and only had my mother in law who is 67, my wife who has COPD and my 12 year old son how was I going to get it inside? He said just give me a minute and I will be right back, ok I had nothing else to do so I waited for about 5 minutes and he came back on and said that he could get me the bed, have it delivered and installed for $2100.00 and I looked at Gerri and told her exactly what he was saying and she was like what do you think and I told her it was a hell of a deal, I then told the guy ok we will do it but if it gets to the house and there is even a smudge on the box they will not take it off the truck, that it will go back to him and he will refund all of my money and then I was coming to find him because he will owe me a 30 pack of beer for being out in the heat all day, he laughed and said he will make sure to include his address on the confirmation email so I could come get my 30 pack of beer and he would even put it on the receipt that if it was in any way messed up he would owe me a 30 pack. So we went ahead and ordered the bed now I have to go tomorrow and get the money back for the other bed and then go and put money on the bank for the other bed, and it will be 105 degrees tomorrow, but the one good thing is I know have more time to take the bed apart that is in there now. So I think I did a good job all in all, but I wish that guy had called me this morning, it would have saved me all that running around me and Dylan did today. Wait i got one more thing to add and then I will be done, if you can get your hands on the I love my pillow pillows do so they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now they ran me around $80.00 per pillow but they are so worth the money i got one for the wife and one for me and then I tried to give mine to nanny and she went out and bought her own, so if nanny buys it you know it has to be good.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

One Response to “Finally got a break on the new bed situation…..”

  1. Ha! Have some good nights’ sleep!

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