For all my loves…..

With all my heart

I walk into the unlit room listening to the fans as they hum in the room. I crawl upon the floor as quietly as I can and lay my head upon her shoulder her hands automatically rub my head and in a croak she whispers are you ok, what is wrong. I softly tell her the same old thing is wrong, the same old thing is wrong, tears stinging my eyes as I feel the love that comes from her. I cannot escape the love I feel for her and I feel like I have let her down so much in life. I sit here with tears slowly making their way down my face not really knowing what they are for, are they for me or for her, I feel the aching in my heart as it wants to grieve, but I don’t know what I am grieving. I don’t feel alone right now I am surrounded by the love I feel for my wife and child, it is very overwhelming how one can love so much and yet hurt so much at the same time. A small kiss placed on the brow of my son and a whispered I love you, he mumbles a reply but I hear it just fine, I love you too. Sounds of thunder echo in the distance of the darkness I am sitting in, it is complete and I am not. I pray to the God and Goddess to send me the ability to help more than what I am doing, but I also understand I am doing a lot but it doesn’t feel like a lot to me, there is so much more needed to be done and I have not the ambition, will or energy to do the things that need to be done. For all my loves, for all my family I have to be stronger, but I ask you this how does a man get stronger when he has no more to give?

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


3 Responses to “For all my loves…..”

  1. You are both beautiful! So much emotion in this post and the comments! So much love and hope.


    Reblogged this on Special Kaye and commented:
    I have to reblog this… husband wrote this and it is filled with so much love and i try to be =strong for both of us as i am sick and he is as well. It isn’t easy being us….but the lord and lady have brought us all this way with love…For you my husband: love is the strongest emotion and can overthrow anything else. also of course prayer to the god and goddess….mother god help us get the strength needed to get thru these illness and help us both get better. blessed be and love and light amen


    love is the strongest emotion there is…it even overpowers anger… can find all the strength you need in the love you feel…might sound a little cookey but it is true…you have the strength you just have to pull it out… btw…i love you honey with all my heart and soul…,thank you for being there and staying by my side especially when i needed you most….i will always be here for you and do what i can do for you together we can get through anything…this one might be a little harder but we can do it. but i need some nature soon…i feel myself getting weaker…..together we conqour the world and love will get us there….i love you …. love and light my dear husband for protection and strength that we both need….thank you for this post….it means the world to me.

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