Ads on WordPress?

Is anyone else getting ads now on your wordpress page? Because i am even on my dashboard. Sorry looks like it is a problem with Google Chrome and i dont know how to fix it so i switched to IE


7 Responses to “Ads on WordPress?”

  1. That’s why I don’t use Chrome. At the point where Google are trying to sell me stuff while I read blogs on the bog, it’s just a little too much.

    • i switched everything back to IE and it has been fine no ads no word enhancements no nothing, but i did like google chrome better than IE but now really they are the same basically, what do you use? Dan Kline

      “You wonder at the future. What will the world hold for us all? And what will consciousness mean if we as men can create it? What is divinity, humanity? What is anything, after all, if anything can be manufactured… We must preserve somehow, above all things, our sense of self, our identity. For without it, we are lost, like teardrops in the rain.”

      • I have a Mac, so I usually use Safari. However, I know that Firefox is a browser that many people swear by.

      • Oy, i don know if Dan replied to this her post or not but please do forgive im ifin he didnt, he is a little worn out right now and we are given him a bit o rest that is needed, little bastard wore hisself out running all over creation in that damnable heat for the last several days so fer now i am in charge fer a bit.

      • Don’t worry about it; he did, as it happens. You ought to get some rest too, you know; none of you is invincible.


      • Well apparently Khayleth was a busy ombre last night looks like he got in touch with everyone and even wrote a bit of a post, not that i liked it but it was his idea and the thing is if it happened to me it happened to him and he tends to forget that sometimes, so telling on me is telling on him, i find that very funny

  2. I have them too. I think it is not from world press.

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