I am a Hypocrite

thats me right there, pay attention to meaning number 2

There is no way around it anymore, I am a hypocrite, a down right, lower than a snake belly hypocrite. When I started this site it was all about a place to voice my opinion and how I felt no matter what others had to say or not say about it, and then there I am checking my stats like a hound dog, I have been worried that what I am writing is not what people want to hear and I was starting to worry about my stats, hits, comments, refers, top posts of the day, clicks, well all of it has become a concern for me over the last few days. I had the feeling I was letting all of you down for not writing what you wanted to read, but tonight after I had written the post about my son I realized that it is still about me, and how am I really supposed to know what you might want to read about, right I am not you I am Dan and several others, who actually have talked to me today, hooray for me. I don’t think it really matters to anyone if I put a song out there I like or if I write a 5 word post or a 50,000 word post, and I don’t think that content is really of a concern. I need to write here what I want not what I think other people want, it seems I have changed a bit form being about me to wondering how many hits I will get for my next post. Well I am done with that again it seems. I am really here for me and if you want to tag along then you are more than welcome to tag along, be glad for the company. See the thing is that you don’t have to read what I write but you do and I am thank full for that, and you don’t have to worry over my silly ass old songs from the 80’s, but you do, I am thank full for that too. You don’t have to read about my family, my problems, my other aspects or even if I have done anything today, but you do, and I am grateful for that. You see that is the point about this, just like I told my son only you can do it for you, don’t you think I should take my own advice on this, yes. I had to put this out here for everyone to read to let them and myself know, I need to be true to myself and just write what I feel, and not that I haven’t been doing that, but for some damn reason I was checking my stats, I am ashamed of myself, this is not what this was meant for, it was meant for me to write about me and my feelings not to see if I become the super star of word press, I am too long winded for that anyway and I do tend to prattle on and lose track of what I am writing about like what I am doing right now. I have said it numerous times over the several posts, I AM TIRED PEOPLE, AND I CANT SEEM TO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYTHING, the begin all and end all of statements for me.

With many apologies and determination,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “I am a Hypocrite”

  1. Oh, this doesn’t make you a hypocrite…just a poor judge of the addictive nature of blogging (I’m right there with you). I get excited at every hit, like and comment; each day, each week, each month, I’m waiting with bated breath to see if I’ve beat the previous record.

    It’s silly, isn’t it? The blog IS for you, and it always should be. I write posts sometimes that no one seems to like very much at all, and…well, that’s just the way it is. I write the things I do because they interest me. If there interest other people too, then yay.

    • Well, at least i am in good company, i still think that stats shouldnt matter it is the content about what you want to write that is important, and i also dont care if i am long winded, easily side tracked or do have conversations with my alters whike i write, it happens in real life so i aint going o be abe to stop it in my writing, of course in real life mostly it is internal, only mostly Dan Kline

      “You wonder at the future. What will the world hold for us all? And what will consciousness mean if we as men can create it? What is divinity, humanity? What is anything, after all, if anything can be manufactured… We must preserve somehow, above all things, our sense of self, our identity. For without it, we are lost, like teardrops in the rain.”

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