Set adrift of memory blisss of you…..

Set adrift, beclamed no wind to be found

So it seems that I am to write nothing but dribble today, I have started several posts and have decided I didn’t want to post them. They are everyday ordinary shit and not really what I want to talk about, in that sense I have no idea what I should write about now. I feel a sense of apathy for the day; I have been out in the heat most of the day so I will blame it on that. Right now I my give a damn is busted, meaning I really don’t give a shit one way or the other, I am tired and yet can find no solace in rest. My other aspects have seemed to be withdrawn from me lately well ever since I had that row with anger, perhaps they don’t think I handled it right, I am not sure they haven’t been speaking to me which is causing me no small amount of alarm, to say the least. To be honest if they are going to pout over it then they can just pout over it, or they are making plans for a full scale invasion, a mutiny of sorts I don’t really know, and really I am so tired that they just might be giving me my space, I am hoping it is this one and not the others because if they mutiny they just might win. It really seems like they have left me, and that scares me too, but all I can do is go on and wait and see if they decide to come back to me or not. So it seems that I do get to write about dribble and everyday things, things so mundane that they pale in comparison to what the others that I read about and live life through on this blog go one about. I have lost my will, I have no drive, I don’t want to go and do a damn thing, I don’t want to give a shit about nothing and really at this point I don’t, I don’t give a shit about nothing.

I am only hanging on by a thread but it is a strong thread and it is wrapped around the hearts of the ones I love, they hold me tethered to this life like an anchor on a Schooner my life line if you will, if ever it get s twisted or torn in two I will be lost helpless drifting on an endless ocean of misery until I finally drown of my own contempt. I feel the knots slipping as we speak, we speak of things that in the big picture have no concern, I must get you what you need in order for you to be strong, for without you I can no longer be me, I will be the town fool, and the king’s jester the only problem is I won’t be funny. I will be the fisherman at the end of the pier mending nets for the next day, old knurled fingers working swiftly to mend the tears and knots in the net, alone without wife or child. Damn I think I made myself worse by writing this post, but if you only get one thing out of this post I hope it will this, I don’t know what to do anymore, I have lost my direction and have a compass that doesn’t tell true north, I am lost at sea, adrift no wind in site becalmed if you will and only have the mermaid sirens song to keep me company, can you hear it, if you listen real close you will.

Set adrift on the sea alone,

Dan Kline

Can you name the band that the title can from if not wait till the next post it will be the video


2 Responses to “Set adrift of memory blisss of you…..”


    Honey you are never alone…we are always with you…know you have love, determination, devotion, and enough power to keep pushing you on…lol…if you think i will quit just because i am sick…you got another thing coming buddy…ha ha…i am woman hear me roar!!!!!!! Dont forget i can be stubborn too…lol. listen to some meditations and see if they help you rest..i love you and that string….cannot be broken…i have made sure of that one you can count on that!!! meds are kicking but i am here if you need me the walkie talkies go both ways ya know…i love you baby….rest well. tomorrow is a new day

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