Fuck you I quit…..

Fuck you I quit, this is my fucking letter of resignation, I am a fucked up father, a horrible son in law and a mediocre husband and that is giving me some, I am not giving you two weeks’ notice I am done right now. I cannot and will not be able to function as an adult any fucking longer; I don’t want to be in charge of anything, not finances, not my wife, not Dylan hell I don’t want to be in charge of myself, I fucking quit. I am no good at this all I seem to do is make things worse, and on top of it all I had to spank my son with a belt for not listening to me for the fourth time in a row about keeping food and bullshit like empty pop cans and fucking hot sauce, I mean what the fuck do you need hot sauce in your bedroom for anyway, SO TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE, THIS WILL BE MY LAST DAY AS A FATHER, HUSBAND, FRIEND AND LOVER BECAUSE I HAVE GONE BATSHIT CRAZY………….

no need for a caption

One Response to “Fuck you I quit…..”

  1. Take a breath, Dan (you’ll probably be calmer by the time you read this anyway). I’m right there with you. It’s too much, sometimes, having to be the grown-up. The kids don’t understand – you’re the grown-up. The family doesn’t understand – they’re grown-ups.

    We all lapse, sometimes. And your discipline is different to mine; we don’t spank or smack. My father did this to me, and while I have no memories that traumatize me, nor are they fond.

    It’s my wife, though, that’s stayed me. She’s the parent, the strong one. She came up with the ‘consequence’ idea. First time, we tell him not to. Second time, we warn him of the consequences. Third time, we follow through. Usually, we take away the offending item, or some other item of value. Sometimes we withhold something he was supposed to get. Rarer, he goes to bed with no dinner.

    Think how you felt when you spanked Dylan; how you feel now. You’re not a bad parent; I can see that from the things you DO do with Dylan.

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