I have to be…..

Well I said I quit but guess what? I can’t quit because without me we cease to exist, I have to muddle through it the best I can apparently. I have and will still do the duties that my offices, the many of them required of me, I can think of many a better person to do it than I, but I am it. I have to be a husband, a father, a lover and all the things that I have to be, I cannot quit.

i have to be all the things i need to be for her

We have to do the things that we can

We have to help with the cares, worries, hopes and dreams of our family

We have to be the strong one for as long as is needed

We have to be strong

We have to be

Of all the things I thought I would be in my life none of these things came up until they happened, I wasn’t going to be a husband, not if it was like what my parents were like, I wasn’t going to be a father just in case I treated my children the same way I was treated. I never dreamed of all the things I would have to be in my life, in the beginning there was only me to take care of now I am the care taker, and you know what I really don’t mind, I thought I would but I don’t. I am the father to five wonderful if not very attentive children and 2 of them weren’t even mine, but they call me Dad. I am a husband who loves his wife dearly and has to be the strong one for a change, and well at first and even up till a couple of days ago I resented that whole heartedly, but now I see that for the last 13.5 years she has been the strong one for me that whole time and never once got angry or decided to quit, I know I am not as strong emotionally or mentally as she is but I have to, no I want to be there for her, and I cannot give up. I am a lover who loves very deeply and feels very deeply for his wife, I still find her attractive and beautiful even right now when she is, well at a low point. I have relied on her strength and determination for the last 13.5 years now she needs to depend on mine and it fled, fled with the very thought that I can’t do it, but you see I have been doing it, and doing it since September of last year, I can and will do my best to be strong and determined for her, it is all for her. Because without her I am lost, lost in a crowd of emotions, dangers and fears and harmful thoughts. If I said she was the direction on my compass would that be too corny? If it is then ok I can handle a little constructive criticism.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

2 Responses to “I have to be…..”


    i love you honey…remember we are a team….no i in team…we can be strong together…and i also wanted to tell you i appreciate everything you do and i know it isnt easy right now. but i am bound and determined i am going to beat this……with you holding my hand i can….thank you and i love you.

  2. And…Dan’s back. 🙂

    You can fume and talk about quitting all you want, because it helps. I do, too. Deep down, I know I won’t. I don’t see you quitting either.

    Tough luck, stranger!

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