An apology to my family

Well it seems that I need to offer an apology to my wife son and mother in law, due to the fact that I have been a complete asshole over the last several months, and I am finding the reason why right now, as the Seraquil and the Xanax are leaving me in a helpless state I have been looking at some of the texts and messages that I have been sending to my family and I can barely type I am weak and shakey and a little embarrassed by my actions and statements. I have decided that I am not going back on the Seraquil, a quick check online and I found the reasons, it interacts with the Adderall, Prozac and I think I am remembering right the Xanax also, it has kept me at a low level of agitation for the entire time I have been taking it and it probably should have worked but it isn’t and now I don’t even think I want to take the Xanax anymore. SO WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL, TO MY FAMILY I AM VERY SORRY FOR NOT CHECKING MYSELF AND SEEING THE STATE I WAAS REALLY IN INSTEAD OF JUST GOING WITH IT AND NOT STOPPING MYSELF FROM ACTING THIS WAY. Sorry I cant type anymore this is killing me.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


3 Responses to “An apology to my family”

  1. I hope you don’t mean it’s killing you to apologize (though I know what that feels like)! I’ve seen your family’s love even at your worst, Dan, and it seems you’re in a good place.


    honey i told you lets just move forward it is in the past and know you see so no bashing or anything like that needed…we will get through this like we always do….always look forward not back….more is done by actions not words…words are just that words…i knew it wasnt the real you. it just took a long time for you to see it. i wasnt sure if i was putting too much pressure on you….taking care of me isnt easy right now for sure. but we will keep walking forward inn the right direction because that is the place to be….one day at a imt, one thing at a time and one moment at a time…:)

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