My addiction to Xanax

So I have good news and bad news and then I have the real news, I am addicted to Xanax and have been for awhile I don’t know what I am going to do because I am in the beginning stages of with drawls do I want to continue taking the Xanax or do I stop knowing now that I cannot sleep without it that my sleep is dependent on Xanax, which seems to be the worst form of addiction to Xanax cause now I have been up or without little to no sleep for the last several day, I have also been without my Seraquil for several but the symptoms that I am feeling more in line with what I found out about Xanax with drawls, right down to the fucked up tasting breath and the fact that I am taking a stimulant too and it is not helping my anxiety issues right now. That’s about all I can do for now.

Much shakiness and sweatiness and sleeplessness,

Dan Kline


3 Responses to “My addiction to Xanax”

  1. What are your reasons for stopping Xanex?

  2. I wondered if you were okay after going quiet for a bit. Sending some strengthening thoughts x

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