Walking in my mind


Walking the long corridors of my mind I see a long hall with dark wood wainscoting and pale yellow walls above, interrupted by paintings of the memories of my life,

As I continue down the hallway of my life I randomly select doors only to find them locked, locked by me or because of me,

The hall seems to be endless and has the smell of an old book that has been sitting on a shelf a long time, waiting to be read again,

Continually I try door after door, only to find that they are locked to me, stopping to admire a particular painting, I see it is the birth of my son, full of the colors of happiness,

Stopping at another it is filled with the colors of sadness, from the passing of a real good friend,

Still trying to open doors in my mind, knowing I need a key, but just wondering if any will open to my touch, a long way to go, it seems to stretch into the vast distance,

Walking down the corridors of my mind hoping, praying I find the key to open all of these doors,

I often wonder what the colors of happiness and sadness look like; I cannot remember them so very well.


Dan Kline


3 Responses to “Walking in my mind”

  1. It’s interesting, this; I don’t know if you are being metaphorical or literal, but a lot of people – especially those with traumatic pasts – create these memory pathways to sort and lock away much of the terror and fright. There could be many memories behind those doors, and I’m sure some will be wonderful, but be careful – some might not be.

  2. Love the diction you use. It paints a very vivid image in my mind.

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