A little note for my wife…..

with all my heart and soul

I also understand that when I drink I tend to get mean especially the last few months, give me another chance to prove to you that mentally I am no longer that man, and that I can be just like I used to be a happy go lucky drunk goof ball, who still loves you and wants you for who you are right at this very moment, this may sound mushy and it is, but I have never been more in love with you in our entire marriage than I am right now.

And now to explain why, you have shown great courage and determination since getting this disease, you have gotten stronger both mentally and spiritually, and to me that just adds to your physical beauty just that much more, if I only had half of your courage I would not have gotten addicted to Xanax and I would better be able to handle my mental issues, I don’t think you understand what it is like looking at you from the outside. You really seem more alive right now than ever before and you make every effort that you are able to help me when you are the one in need now, you let me cry on your shoulder, even if you don’t remember, you rubbed my head and told me you loved me and that I would be alright, because of you and how you are handling your issues, it gives me the strength not to give up, this is what you do for me, and I bet you didn’t even know that.

With all my love and heart,

Dan Kline


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    Reblogged this on Special Kaye and commented:
    This is from my wonderful husband…..both of us having our own illnesses isnt easy…but i had to share this one…he made me teary…i love you honey

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