Is this the life of Dan?????

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It has got to be said that over the last several days I have been feeling good, not great but good. I am hoping the tapering down effect will lessen my DT’s better than cold turkey. With that said I will ask this, what is going on in the life of Dan?

First thing on my mind, only because it stung the hell out of my pocket book is the fact that I actually got Gerri out of the house this morning to go to the Sleep Number store and we found a bed and I shelled out $2200.00, now I know we need a bed for her to sleep on and I can…………

I have been sitting here for 3 damn days looking at this post and what I wanted to write and I find that with the Zyprexa I am alone in my own mind, I mean literally alone I cannot hear the others in my mind and it was kind of freaking me out I went from being over populated to having to strain my mind just to hear a whisper. I am not saying that it really bothers me but it is just the weirdest thing I have had happen to me in a long time. I am a lot more calm and more alert than I have been in quite awhile, so if this is what this medication does to me, I can’t say that I am not enjoying it, it seems to have gotten rid of the anger which is really very fine with me. But I miss Khayleth and Serena and I know they are there it is just like they are on the edges of my mind, kind of like when you see shadows from the corner of your eye then turn to see if it is really there and it was nothing. Ya that pretty explain what it is like. I haven’t felt like writing which is really off for me I love to write on here and read the posts that others put out here, but for some reason I haven’t been doing that. It is not like I am busy because I am actually writing in my mind some ideas for a host of short stories that I want all of you to read, but then again I haven’t even put to pen and paper any of my ideas. I am not lethargic or it isn’t like I don’t want to go things. But for some reason right I need external stimulus instead of being inside of my head so much. I am thinking that this might be normal because I have spent the last month or so immersing myself into my mind. I wonder if any of you have had this happen to you. It almost feels like I have been cured but you and I know I am far and may never be in that position, ever. Best I can hope for and really all I want is a little cooperation within my system.

I was going to tell you about what is happening in my world, oh and I got to tell you this one, now my mother in law is not really a prude but there are some places that she won’t go or even pull into the parking lot, like liquor stores, smoke shops and tattoo parlors, well I got her to go in a tattoo parlor yesterday, I had forgotten to bring my medication with me so she brought it up to me while I was having some work done, it was one of the greatest moments in my life, she looked so embarrassed at actually having to enter the shop, and this is one moment I will never let her live down and will spend years making little funnies out of it, good times.

Ok what else, I told you about the sleep number bed and me getting some more tattoo work done, oh I should get Gerri to take pictures of it to show you, hang on a second, ok got it I hope you guys like it, each flower represents and member of my family. Of course the original is purple for my wife, blue or light blue is for Dylan, green is for Tiffany, orange is for Daniel and red is for Michael. And then I am the random black tribal that holds them all together even loosely. Well what else is going on, I did think about quitting chewing tobacco but that lasted about 5 minutes? Damn some of this is not mind blowing epiphanies is it, it is rather mundane but what the hell you guys can see a bit of the rational side of the person we call Dan, at least I think that this is the rational side of me. I guess I am done for now.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


One Response to “Is this the life of Dan?????”

  1. I’m rather enchanted my “mundane” Dan! It’s fascinating to me that you miss Khayleth and Serena; what most people would consider a ‘disorder’ has become simple life to you. These people are with you, whether you want them or not, and it’s honestly not posing you that much of a problem. I am glad the anger is subsiding though; I think that will do you some good.

    Love the tats, by the way!

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