Always to remember to just go with it…..

You see over the last several weeks I have noticed a trend developing and what I am doing. I have been trying to make everyone else happy and to make things go smoothly, giving everyone just what they need and want. Guess what, it hasn’t worked all the things I have tried to do from going to the KOA to having a few days with my son and just hang out. It has been a disaster, first the Koa experience and now Dylan and I were going to Great Wolf Lodge we had to let that go because of the enormous  costs that were involved, so we had settled for a local water park call Atlantis, well I made reservations at the hotel right next to the park and then on Sunday I went online to check what I could and could not bring in the park, well I big letters it said it will be closed for the season on the 12th of August, the very same day I had made our plans, ok what to do now I couldn’t stop the hotel from charging my credit card because we had to give a 24 hour notice, so there goes $170.00, well we decided to go to the hotel anyway because they had an indoor and an outdoor swimming area, cool. We went and the hotel was fantastic and very big and the room was good looking and they had a bar and a restaurant right in the hotel and Dylan was excited about ordering room service and being able to swim. Well we really didn’t find anything to actually do except for Huber Farms, it has a winery, petting zoo and u pick fruits and vegetables and a store and a restaurant, they used to have helicopter ride and buggy rides the motorized ones that you could follow a trails in the woods on the property, but they didn’t start till September so all we really did was pick peaches, buy my wife some of her favorite desert wine called Autumn Frost, wonderful wine with locally grown grapes. I mean we really had fun, or they did.

I have to say for myself I give up trying so hard I know better than that, things happen no matter how hard you try and things go wrong and I forgot how to roll with the punches, you see I was trying so hard to make it just right that in turn I made myself a wreck, and here I am the guy always telling everyone else to slow down and just go with it. Ironic isn’t it? All I really wanted was to spend time with my son and I did, but it wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing I could find to do, and I know he had fun, but I didn’t and I am afraid that it might have shown. God I love Adele. She is my new go to music to help me calm down.

Bottom line is this, I need to stop trying to make everything perfect, it just isn’t going to happen, if I had rolled with the punches I would feel like shit right now and want to redo the whole last few weeks, so here I am admitting to all of you I am just going to go with the way things are and not try to force things to happen.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

P.S. I wanted to say I am sorry I have been remiss in reading my email and all of your blogs, but I am going to catch up over the next few days, because I have great respect and loyalty to each and every one of you, you have picked me up off the floor so many times I feel as if I have let you all down just a bit.


5 Responses to “Always to remember to just go with it…..”


    You are right, no one is let down honey. I enjoyed our time at koa accept for the beds…no biggie…Dylan had a wonderful time on your guys adventure….I do know how you feel…I used to do the same thing but you may not remember. Thats why I keep saying dont worry about it it all went fine.

    You just wanted everything perfect because we havent been able to do anything for a very long time and you wanted everything just right and when it didn’t go like you wanted you went the other way. It’s ok honey. You are perfect in your own way,. We love you unconditionally and appreciate everything you have done… You did a wonderful job with all the planning and prep for both trips and you did it all by yourself and you did it perfectly even if you dont see that, Even with all the hitches in the plans you still stepped up and made a way for everything to work….that is a lot in itself honey. Life always will throw a wrench in our plans but we just have to roll with the punches as we always have.

    Also, while making these plans, you have enrolled Dylan in school, done all his clothes shopping and all his supplies shopping and shoes for school and helped me and get groceries, prescriptions and anything we needed at the store..

    You have no idea how proud i an of you…All this isnt a bad thing honey….look at how much you have done all at one time….You multitasked like the best of em….YOU ROCK!!!!! So now even though plans didnt go like you wanted them to, You did all of it anyway and made it work….so what about the little things that didnt work out….you still were successful even if you dont see that. I am more than proud of you. I know since I have been sick it isnt easy,,..You took us all on a getaway and did make it work…i think you got upset when it didnt go like you wanted it to because you did want it to be perfect,,…but baby…there is perfection in imperfection….and you so rocked at it. Remember its the little things that mean the most….and you have done them all!!!! I love you……and i enjoyed my self and i know dylan did too….now we just have to get you too.,

  2. If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you’ll know I understand about life getting in the way. Don’t sweat it; I think most people understand.

    As for trying to make everything perfect… ditto again. It’s a bad habit of mine and one I’m slowly trying to change. It’s a difficult road as I’m sure you’ll know. It took me a long time but I eventually learned that you simply can’t make everybody happy. And that’s okay.

  3. oops. That should say, just take care of you.

  4. I’m sure nobody feels let down, everybody understands that life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. Just take of you.

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