Family or Friends…..

sometimes you have to make the hard decisions

There are going to be two posts that I write about today and both of them are things that have been weighing heavy upon my mind. The first is the fact that my wife doesn’t seem to like one of my best friends and not without certain reasons I suppose, and the second is the country. I am laying here with a stopped up head I have sinusitis which sucks cause it feels like my sinuses have dried up completely and it is very painful and I have had a headache for about 3 days.

Ok let’s start with the best friend, Stephen now some of you may already have heard of him others may not have, but to me he is a good guy over the years he has helped me out a number of times doing various things that best friends do like helping to fix cars, helping to fox things around the house, hanging out just because we can, going hunting, fishing and camping with the entire family. He would give you the shirt off his back if you really needed it and quite frankly he has on more than one occasion. Now these are all good traits as I hope that you can see, so now we will go into the reason I think that my wife don’t like about him.

Well when he gets drunk he gets loud and opinionated. My wife thinks that he talks me into all kinds of things like the dreaded bar hopping, really if I didn’t want to do something do you really think that my constitution is so low that I can be talked into anything that I don’t really want to do? He is secretly or not really all that secretly in love with my wife and has been for years and he tends to get touchy feely with her and I thought I had put a stop to that till the other night when we got here drunk and he was all baby this and baby that, well now it is time to make the decision about Stephen, I have given him one chance about this and now it is time to kick him to the curb, he is single go find your own woman this one is taken by me and will never, ever have anything to do with him. Hard thing to do but I choose my wife over my supposed best friend. And really it is hard to have single friends and be married they can go and do anything they want at the drop of a hat and really I have to think about the ramifications of family before I can make any decisions, and I don’t mind doing that I have a family and I love my family.

God I need some ibuprofen or something my head and neck really hurt. And I am on the path to actually not drinking anymore ay all, it just takes too long for my body to recuperate, sometimes for days after words, and during that time I am not able to help my wife in the capacity that is needed. So really is one night of fun worth 2-3 days of a hangover? Not really. It all comes down to this, she thinks that he talks me into all kinds of things and that is really not true, and I think she is having self image problems and that I might find someone else to replace her and that will never happen, I love my wife very much as all of you know and I will never go anywhere ever for the rest of our natural born lives and probably even longer than that.

Hey I think I have mastered getting my point across on my posts in fewer words than I have in the past

End of story, I love my wife and I choose my wife over any and everybody else, including Stephen Troy Raper.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


4 Responses to “Family or Friends…..”

  1. I’m siding with the wife on this one … this fellow is not to be trusted/liked. Too many of us have walked the walk of having unwanted sexual relations thrown on us … just think that by the time we’re adults and have our own households, we have much better ability to control our environments and personalities within it. Your wife seems to be saying pretty clearly, NO. If you choose your spouse … in reality – shops closed to others, anything else might be putting her in harms way. Appreciating finding you are a conscientiousness guy 🙂

    Our best,
    Anns (Safely enough said … we’re taken already too and loving every moment of it! I love to love my love 🙂

  2. I have awful sinuses too..terrible things they are. Hope you feel better soon! As for your friend and wife..maybe compromise that way everyone is happy? Just a thought.

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