Say it ain’t so…..

HA, I got a pony shooting and rainbow out its ass, that is funny shit right there

I have noticed something about myself over the last few weeks, other than neglecting my friends out here; I have not been in such a dark mood. I was looking at my wallpaper on my laptop and damn it was dark and twisted, so I changed it, it is still twisted but is has more color and is not as dark. I also noticed that my Google home page was the same way dark and disturbing, so I changed it also, and now I am looking at my word press theme and it is dark too and I am going to change it today. I am not sure what the difference is in me but to be honest I haven’t been as angry or volatile as I was when I started this blog. I blame it on the drugs, say it isn’t so. Could the change in my medication be actually working in my favor, say it isn’t so. I liked being dark and angry, what the hell do they think they are doing to me? Next thing you know I will be posting about rainbows and ponies and the only ponies I like try to buck you off of them because they are meaner and tougher than you are. So what now, am I to post about the blah everyday shit? That doesn’t sound like me, and what the hell I haven’t had a decent conversation with myself in days, well except in the car today and that was with the God and Goddess. I know that Khayleth and Serena are still there but it seems like they are waiting for me now instead of me waiting for them, again what the hell are they doing to me? I don’t write about nice things, I write angry violent posts that stir the blood and move the brain. And yet I find myself actually enjoying not yelling, screaming and cussing. I like the fact that my son and wife are not walking on egg shells around me not trying to set me off, but damn it that was a part of who I was, say it isn’t so. I am done this is just depressing me, how can one little pill change a person’s whole demeanor like this and it really isn’t a strong dose only .5mg of Zyprexa this is what I would call a chill pill in excess.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Actually this has got to be my favorite, pissing a rainbow, dude needs to see a Doctor ASAP

Dan Kline

Hell I even have to pick different categories now that I am apparently no longer angry, this sucks.


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