Another walk in the yard…..

I do realize that these look like the same photos but I assure you they aren’t. I have once again been meandering through then yard and have found something to marvel at. These little flowers are still blooming even though they are water deprived, sort of in a drought here in the fucked up state of Kentucky, but it shows promise, don’t you think?

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

Just imagine the photos I will take when I go on my camping trip! It will be interesting to see what i come up with, the point of this exercise is to see if I can slow myself down enough to see what is actually around me.




































It was the shadows that caught my eye on this one.











One Response to “Another walk in the yard…..”

  1. Perhaps I had bring another SD card, I might take a shit load of pictures, but i promise no generic pictures, well not generic to me.

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