I ever wonder…..

Your words though misspoken you say, cut to the quick. Wounds like this take time to heal and yet in your voice I hear no sympathy, no remorse only the fact that you misspoke as you say. Some words may never be taken back, and yet the thing I long for the most right now is for you to understand how deeply your misspoken words have hurt me even unto this day, this very hour and minute. I feel as though all I do I do for you and our son, yet can you not be aware that what you have said cut me to the quick. If I am remembering correctly you never even told me that you were sorry that your misspoken words harmed me not only physically but mentally. I sit here upon this bed of ours and rerun them through my mind; I have no closure no satisfaction knowing that you are not sorry for those words.

Dan Kline


3 Responses to “I ever wonder…..”

  1. Yes misspoken words hurt they are just as bad a unspoken words or unspoken jesters….I am sorry for the misspoken words I said. I understand first hand how bad all of it hurts and stays with you and makes you feel like a burden to others and the looks of disgust or annoyance. I am truly sorry for my words….luckily i dont do that too often and I am not used to having to apologize because usually my words aren’t so bad and dont hurt like this. I usually try to watch my words spoken because I know they cannot be taken back because i know the pain they cause all too well.

    all my love,

    • Some how the roles have reversed havent they, usually i am the one who is feeling a heel right now and i dodnt particularly like being on the recieving end either, perhaps better judgement on both our parts in the future will make this end

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