The War wages on each day a battle we can win…..

inch by inch, foot by foot we will win the battle put before us!!!!!

Is it an expression of who we are these words that we write, some subconscious push to put down our feelings and emotion, nay our very own internal struggles, I say yes for we cry upon the heavens to ease our burdens to not hurt us so. Yet the pain and the fear and the depression still come to us all. We all grieve for ourselves in different ways, some stay in bed all day the physical pain of depression just too unbearable to allow us to move, and yet others cut themselves just to show they are still in charge of themselves, other hurt themselves in different and various ways unknown to us. Other try to take their very own lives by different methods, pills, cutting, jumping  and biting a bullet we all think of these things, usually on a daily basis and we are very aware of it, it stalks our minds like a beast in the dark waiting for its chance to pounce and devour us. Yet here we are still, going from one day to the next with our struggle never really showing on the outside, we know it will get us down eventually, it will wear us out, make us fatigued, that’s when we need to be our strongest, be the bully to our fears, never allow it to get a hold of us and consume our very being. You see we are strong, stronger emotionally and mentally than just your average Joe on the street, oh what I wouldn’t give to let them walk an hour in our shoes just to show them what we deal with, but I can’t you see for if they walk an hour in my shoes then there will be another out there like me. So we struggle, we battle with and in of ourselves, it is a never ending struggle but at the end of the day when I am still alive and still with my family I can call the battle won, now that is only the battle, the war isn’t over by a long shot.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

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