Still here for now…..

So my camping trip has been postponed till after the first of the month, and I am ok with that but that did not stop me from doing a little hiking yesterday and I would like to share some of the images that I captured with you on my  mile hike. Now these images are not real good but the subject matter caught my eye and they are quit random, so please keep an open mind. Imagine this though, this park has over 4000 acres right at the edge of a large city of over 1.5 million people and there is never anyone using it, i find that to be amazing.

I have to ask, will the anger ever really go away, I have found that in the last several days that I am getting angry again for no apparent reason, snapping at the others and just in general agitated in. well in know one thing that is making me upset and that is our Sleep Number bed is not doing what it supposed to do and they upgraded the pump or are going to and the upgraded our pillow top also so we will see if that helps.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

This little fellow or girl? Was not scared of me one bit.

not to clear but it is a dragonfly, wonder why they call them that?

Now this really caught my eye if you can see it the gray pine cone looks like a open flower.



I took this first in color but i thought it would look better if it seemed like and old fashioned picture.

The only wildlife i could catch the elusive dragonfly.

You know eventually I am going to have to see what is at the top of this trail, but not today, lol.

Don’t know if this is a berry of a flower, but a rather large water snake was camping out near it so I snapped the pic and left him well enough alone.

One Response to “Still here for now…..”

  1. Love the pictures. Anger is a part of all of us….but it can be a small part! 🙂

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