Allow me to be free, teach me to be free…..

I watch you from afar, yet never have I been nearer to you than I am right now,

I see you look at me, shyly gazing from your place in the other room; you seem to know me much better than I know myself,

Have I changed to you, do you feel differently than you first did, am I still the person you fell in love with?

I sit in wonder of your great inner strength, the actual power that you have over yourself, sitting in jealousy seeing that I can never be as strong as you,

I do not have strength of the kind, yes I have physical strength and have proven that many times, but to know one’s self is a different type of strength,

I always second guess myself, where you seem not too, I over think every last detail and work it till my fingers bleed, not you, you form a plan and if it doesn’t go exactly right you flow with the changes, I am unable to do that,

You seem to have no fear knowing that all will be well in this world if you just let it be, I cannot stop worrying over the things that happen and I never can just let it be,

I watch you from afar, yet never have I been nearer to you than I am right now,

Let go you whisper to me, things will sort themselves out, I long to believe you, I want to believe you and in you, but alas I come far short of that thought or action,

In all my life I have never to just let go, to flow with the changes that life throws at us every day, to bend in the wind like a reed, to float like a leaf on the wind, in a sense I cannot even stop to smell the proverbial roses, I just can’t be, I cannot be one with the things around me and I so envy you that you can do that, you can feel nature, see nature, see a different path instead of forcing the one that was laid before you, I so envy you, would that I could learn to let go, bend, flow and walk down a different path like you, your life has touched mine and I sit in wonderment of the things that you do without even knowing you are doing them, teach me, tell me how to do this,

I am unable to sit in a room on my own without seeing one or more of you, I am uncomfortable with who and what I am, anger, warrior, more than one person in my body, sadness and fear these are the things I am and I am unable to just do one day at a time, I am unhappy with who I am and what I have become, sometimes I seem a monster, others I just am nothing, teach me how to just be, teach me how to do all those wonderful things that you can do and I cannot.

I ask the blessing of the Goddess and the God to show me how to relax, how to feel other than anger and rage, fear and sadness, to show me how to bend and flow, I beg of you both to send me the answer or I fear for mine own sanity and well being.

Blessed be, and much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


One Response to “Allow me to be free, teach me to be free…..”


    And yes, you are still the man i love. I am still here kickn n screamin to fight with u all the way

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