Time to do it my way and rely on the ol gut for a change…..

I am not sure if I have talked about this before or not nut I feel like I can’t get anything right. It feels like the harder I try the more I screw things up, I can’t slow myself down and just be, you know just relax let things go that I really have no control of. I have tried so hard over the last few months that I am bone weary, not just tired but worn slap out. Here is a good example, we had been looking for a bed and I had found a rational mattress and box springs but it had a 12” pillow top and a 3” memory foam cooling top, it was like laying on a cloud, but that wasn’t good enough so I found a moveable bed with memory foam mattress, you know where the head and foot of the bed adjusted, well it turned out to be a scam, good thing I never sent them then money right? Well then we went to the sleep number bed store and we found a bed that was comfortable and only cost around 2500 that is with sheets, pillows, base and mattress, well when we got it and they set it up to say it was uncomfortable is an understatement, I called customer support and the sent out a new air pump and a new pad to go under the air chambers and, and additional memory foam top to go over the air chambers. Now this is just one example of something I feel I have failed at, but it really isn’t my fault. But for some reason it grates on my nerves. I know in my mind that I did not have any control over hoe the bed would be but I am the one who paid for it so I feel as if it my fault. I could go one for another thousand words about how things that have not gone right feel like my fault but I won’t. I am going to call Sleep Number and tell them to come and get their bed and to give me my money back and I am going to go get the first mattress that I picked out in the first place, should have stood my ground and went with my gut but it seems like I am in the trying to please other people mode and not listening to myself, that is bad I have never been like this before, if I had decisions I had to make would have gotten people killed. Time for me to drop the pity party and go with what I feel is right and we will go with that from this point on.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

PS. I realize that this is just a bed but it is a metaphor for the way I have been feeling lately, and where the hell are Serena and Khayleth? I feel I have been left alone in this world of uncertainty and it scares the hell out of me.


One Response to “Time to do it my way and rely on the ol gut for a change…..”

  1. I had a haircut go metaphor on me in that same sort of way. Wishing you better days ahead my friend…

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