My little adventure…..

So let me tell you all about my camping experience, I left on Wednesday the 29th of August and was supposed to return on Saturday the 1st. I get to the ranger station pay my 45 dollars and get my pass for the park, now this is a 4000 acre park right in the middle of the first largest city on Kentucky, Louisville. It was named after a local Doctor who owned the property for many years, Dr. Horine; hence the park is called Horine Reservation. I get to my site and it is beautiful, I set up my equipment and settle in to enjoy the sounds of nature, which is part of the reason I was there. The other part was I needed time away to collect myself, I have been on a sort of petulant anger cycle where things aren’t going my way and I get upset over it and take it out on those around me.

Let’s start with the actual site itself very good choice of spots the girl at the ranger station did me up right, morning sun evening shade pretty good except the morning sun was terribly hot. The site had a fire ring, a picnic table and a garbage can close by. Not a lot of rocks except where you park your car and it was clean and tidy. So I grab my map if the local area and start to think about hiking some trails, but as I sit there I notice that it is very quiet, not a single sound from birds, squirrels or other animals scurrying around, you know the typical sounds of a forest, I hear none of that and at first I think it is because I was moving around setting up the tent and getting my site in order. So I sit and pour over the map with one ear open to see if I hear any critters, none not a single chirp or the call of a crow, after about an hour this is making me nervous, but I still play it off. I tool around the camp making sure things are where I can get to them easily and I decide that I am not going to much today, perhaps drink a few cold beers and just sit around and relax, but I have this nagging feeling that something is wrong and I can’t quite put my finger on it, still no sounds of wildlife even after being there for several hours, I am finding this very disconcerting. Ok I decide that it is beer time so I position my chair in the shade right next to the tent, I do grab my camera and take some pictures of some local flora, and of various things that catch my eye. But I still have this nagging feeling that something isn’t right. Now on the way in I did pass a road that led to a cemetery which is cool I figured to hike to it on the morrow and see it, but as the night progresses I get more and more nervous. Now at this time I figure out that I am alone, I am alone by myself for the first time in almost a full year, man that hits me like a ton of bricks and I figure that it is this that is making me feel so nervous, I mean here I am alone without anyone, and I am not handling that very well at all.

Night falls and it just gets more creepy because usually at night in the woods, well they usually come alive with sounds of insects and rodents and other such things, no dice not one sound, hell someone at least make a noise, but I am all alone in the park there are no other campers to be heard, no fires to be seen, now it really hits me that I am alone, so what do I do? Well I want to know why it is so quiet, so I start doing EVP sessions, I am not scared of ghosts, but I am scared of being by myself, makes sense right. Well not really, but let’s go with it for now, I do about 5 EVP sessions asking various questions, and I need to download them and analyze them on my computer to see if I got any responses, but it is getting late and I go to bed.

Next day up bright and early, set about just piddling around camp and decide that it is time to hike up to the cemetery, so I drive to the entrance to the road to the cemetery and get out grab my camel back full of water a can of chew and head down the road, it took me 45 minutes just to get to the cemetery, if you figure 20 minutes for each mile that is 2-1/2 miles just to get there, I took some video and some still pictures and will post them if you want, now my whole thing was I was going to come back that night and do some research, but as I sat at the base of the tree in front of the cemetery I ask Dr. Horine if I could come back later that night and visit with him and his family, I was given the distinct feeling that they didn’t want to be disturbed, so I will leave well enough alone so after a few minutes I get up to leave tell all of them thank you for allowing me to rest here and told them all goodbye, and walked back to the car which took around an hour, dude I was tired from walking in. got back to camp got over heated from my walk packed up and headed for the house, some of my prescriptions say do not expose yourself to high temperatures or prolong direct sunlight, I over heat faster than the normal person. So thus ends my camping trip. Not much fun but I tried.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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