Time to Change…..

I have been thinking people about how to reconfigure my life, and it comes down to one thing, CHANGE. I would have to change every aspect of my life in order to reconfigure my life to make it something different than it is now, so I sit and I think about what that means, different ways of living, changing the type of people that I choose to hang out with, I am sure Gerri wouldn’t mind that part, and that is another thing if I decide to reconfigure my life would that mean she would have to change hers to and what about Dylan, hell he has been through so much change in the last year that I don’t know if he could handle anymore change.

I think that what I am saying is that I need to view my world in a different light, maybe make some small changes and see how that goes, and then if that works well perhaps I will be a better person for that, I am not contemplating changes such as my marriage or anything like that but I feel that a change even on a personal level needs to be done.

And with that comes the fear of change, the difference it will make and just what exactly will these changes be, well for me they will mean personal changes like perhaps a new physic doctor, I am having trouble with the one I have now, seeking the advice of a trauma therapist, perhaps changing medications which is one change I really don’t want to do, I hate that part.

But change also for myself such as taking better care of my personal hygiene, perhaps changing the type of clothes I wear, I feel better when I look better, I feel better when I don’t have dry skin falling on my shirt and noticing it in public, even something as small as wearing somebody spray or cologne every day, these really aren’t changes they are actually things that I need to do for myself to perhaps make me feel better about myself, maybe make it a new regime for myself leave myself notes to remind me to do these simple things for myself, because quite frankly I get so caught up in my funk that I forget to do the simple things for myself. I am going to institute these changes starting today, I need this for me. I need to start feeling better about myself and I think that if I do that maybe,  just maybe I can show my wife, my mother in law and my son that I am doing better than they think that I am. The only issue is this, I actually have to do these things and well even if in write reminders I still have to follow through with the changes, and as I know full well my follow through really sucks ass. But I am going to try, I am going to write little sticky notes for myself and put them where in can see them every day and so that I actually have to read them. That is what and how I am going to start reconfiguring my life, and hopefully I can inspire the others to follow my example.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


4 Responses to “Time to Change…..”

  1. Oh Dan…yet another thing I am only too familiar with. I have these thoughts of change so often…they come, and then they go. I’ve come to believe that people can’t change simply because they want to, but rather that change will come when there is no other choice. It happens slowly, insidiously, and after ten years, you look back and realize hey – I’m not who I used to be.
    Having said that, I admire your approach, and it’s something I could learn from. Start by making only the tiniest of changes. Wear a nice shirt every day, or shower a little more often. Brush your teeth twice a day.
    The hardest part is continuing to do it even when you just don’t care. Just doing it – even when it kills you.

  2. Go you! xx

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