First Meetings with new Family…..


Well I am a bit nervous today, I will be meeting my brother or should I say half brother today for the very the very first time in my life, hell I only found out about him because my father died. He is bringing some things of my fathers to me that my step mother thought I would like to have, really I don’t want any of it but Raymond is going out of his way by 6 hours just to bring them I can at least be thankful for that. I don’t want to meet him; I already have a brother that has been there for me my entire life. What is he going to want from me? I don’t do family relationships very well, he won’t understand me he didn’t live the life I did as a child he was spared that he grew up without Richard at all; he lived with his mother, so how would we ever connect on any type of level at all. But I digress I will try to give him as much as I can, but he has to know not to expect too much from me. He never had to live through the vileness of who Richard Kline was and is.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


One Response to “First Meetings with new Family…..”

  1. Hey man…sorry I’ve been absent for a while. Throwing it back in…deal with it as best as you can. You don’t know this man; you’ve never met him, and you have no idea what he’s going to be like. He could be an asshole; he could be nice.
    In essence, he’s a stranger. The fact that you shared a father doesn’t mean anything in the context of building (or not building) a relationship with this man. Just say hello…and take it from there.
    You’ll do okay.

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