Rant Number 1,125…..

Wednesday, September 05, 2012, time for me to rant a bit. Why, because sometimes people can’t see past the end of their own noses and it pisses me off. What I might have to say on a few of these subjects might piss you off but feel free to tell me about it, please I encourage it.

Education, who is smarter, is a person with a secondary education smarter than a person with just a high school degree, that is an easy answer right? Well no it isn’t I happen to know a feller or two with only high school educations that do jobs that I couldn’t do and well they can’t do the job I used to do, I guess it is all in the training that you get, so wouldn’t this training constitute education also, is OJT not an education? And is education just limited to what you learn on the job or in school, I don’t think so if you learn that your hand gets burnt if you stick it on something hot is that not learning. If you follow a trail in the woods and remember it is that not educations, I think that learning never stops you learn something new every day, but I could be wrong and most times I am.

Religion is the next thing, I believe what I believe is that wrong, well no not in my eyes, but it seems that others think that the way I believe is wrong, and how it can be wrong if we are talking about the same God. I just happen to celebrate God in a different way than you do. So you want to tell me about your religion and I am willing to listen to you and we might even agree on some things but disagree on others. So who is right here, it is just a matter of what you believe versus what I believe I don’t think either of us is wrong. What I do think is wrong is that I am not judging you on your beliefs but you are judging me on mine, why just because your church says that the way I believe happens to not be right, fuck that and your church, all they are a money grubbing gold diggers, my way is only to treat the land with all the respect I can and to help to keep it in the best shape I can, to do unto others as I would have done on myself and never harm none. Tell me if your church preaches that, ya fucking morons, yes what I say here will come back on me but I am angry, who on this earth has the right to tell me how I am supposed to worship, I tend to be in nature right in the  middle of God’s creation, listening to the beast and the birds, watching the fish in the stream swimming, watching the creatures he made go about their lives in harmony with one another, humans on the other hand are judgmental and prejudice.

Politics, the granddaddy of them all, this will be brief. I don’t do politics period. You want to talk politics with me I tune you out and turn you off.

Sexuality, live and let live. Don’t push what you believe and what you practice on others plainly it is none of your god damn business, nuff said. If you are straight that is fine with me, if you are gay that is fine with me, God gave man free will, so live your life the way that you want and to hell with what anyone else says about it, fuck them, walk around them smile and be on your merry way. Why is it that a straight man has to ask a gay man why he is gay, cant a gay man ask a straight man why he is straight? It comes down to this people it is a life choice and no the gays are not going to hell no matter what you interpret from the history book we call the bible says, after all it is a book not a guide to the universe as we know it.

What it all comes to folks is this leave people to live their lives how they want, you don’t have to agree with it and you don’t have to like it, hell I am sure there are parts of our own lives that we don’t like, but just leave people alone we have enough problems in the United States and around the world that to attack people about their personal lives is a dust mote in the cosmos. Lets fixate on the fact that Iran has nukes, lets worry over North Korea has nukes and about the genocide happening in Africa, or the continuing war in Afghanistan. Hell lets worry over the starving children right here in our own country. In the end all I ask is that we focus on the real problems not individuals life styles.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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