Smooth as silk…..

I feel it like the soft fur of a mink, sliding over me slowly covering me in its thick black coolness,

Starting at the feet slowly covering me inch by inch, cell by cell, touching every nerve ending,

It feels familiar this slickness, this velvety softness caressing me like a lover,

Filling me in a way that in only know so well, it does not calm me; it does not soothe me,

Consuming me to the very fiber of my being, silkiness like I have always known,

It is a sneaky feeling as it creeps up my body covering me in its smoothness, it knows me and I know it, I relish in the feeling of its touch,

I know after a period of time it will consume my whole being and I long for that, I want that, I need that,

No one else can see it or feel it, it is only for me, and it is almost sexual in a way, in its caress, its careful covering of me sinking into my flesh, melding around every cell in my body,

It erases the pain, the fear, the hunger, the shame it fills me so that I can no longer feel anything that is a part of me, it leaves only one thing behind,

As it covers me what is left turns hard as titanium, harder than steel, this will not let anything out or anything in, and it forms a barrier around my heart and around my mind filling it with the cool embrace of its touch…..


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