Full apology necessary…..

I was just writing what I thought were my own thoughts, but they weren’t they were culminations of things that I have read today and I realized it as I was typing words on this page, they were not original by a long shot. Some I had taken from Bourbon, others from Hastywords, and some from Coco J Ginger says. They were not my words but echoes from others thoughts and shared experiences. Why was this happening to me, I have enough in my own head to write about, I don’t need to plagiarize others thoughts and feelings, it makes me feel like shit, like a thief in the night coming to steal your thoughts and emotions and experiences. Why is the only question that keeps coming to mind, was I going to comment on them, was I going to use them to describe a similar experience about my own life. No, I was just rewriting the very words, well not by the letter but by summarization of what I have read on their blogs, and to me that is wrong I am telling each of you that I am sorry, I am really confused about this and don’t understand why I was doing it, but I stopped myself and felt that a full confession was warranted for this misdoing that I was doing.

Dan Kline


7 Responses to “Full apology necessary…..”


    No worries u have also messed up your meds dan,don’t be too hard on yourself. At least you realized n made amends thats an awesome step forward

  2. Don’t fret about it. Credit where credit’s due, and that’s exactly what you did. I’d be surprised if anyone on here got upset about it – particularly given that you realized what you were doing!

  3. Dan – I don’t need to know all the details to know that you shouldn’t stop writing … that will burn a hole right through your brain/heart connection. Writers gotta write. We make it a business to write down the great thoughts of others. We think collectively that peoples voices are like musical instruments telling different stories yet about a life that we all share like a giant musical score. In curating thoughts we work hard to link EVERYthing back to it’s source so the authors can take in their own credit. Just got to work out your system. I know you know about being fair. But, being interested and invested in others … that just isn’t the problem. Usually when I find ideas worth spreading … we look at them over and over trying to discern how the melody fits together. The closest we’ve gotten so far is the starting of our Syntopicon. Keep working on the bigger puzzle, just don’t shut-yourself down. Apologies are appropriate, but not giving up. Just our take on it …

    Always our best,


  4. Perhaps the words made sense to you and it gave you an explanation of things at the moment. It may not be the right explanation for YOU but it was still one — and we always look for answers in life. Just a theory. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. I see a lot of originality in your writing xx

  5. Today I will write no longer until I can figure out why I was doing what I was doing…..

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