I recently read a blog from a fellow blogger on the subject of Condemned by Secrets  it is an amazing poem, it is short and very stimulating to my mind at least. We all have secrets we don’t share with anyone and it is a part of who we are that we don’t share all of who we are with anyone, where is the fun in that, if we told all where would the mystery be, the guessing that involves wanting to know more about you or another person. Some secrets can be good, others harmful you have to know which to let go of and which to keep. I know I have secrets that I haven’t told anyone even my wife who knows more about me than I do myself, I also know she holds secrets that I don’t know about, see this part of secrets can be fun, makes you wonder, makes you talk, dig at the mysterious things that hide behind those eyes.

Now on the other hand I also have bad secrets, and all of us do that we will never bring into the light of day, personally I think that some of those secrets would change how people see and feel about me so I choose to keep them to myself, once again I am sure we all have those type of secrets that we don’t want others to know about, even in therapy.

I very much enjoyed the short little poem that hastywords has written and it evoked in me an answer which I am sure you can see on her blog site, no need for me to repost it here, go look and explore her mind it is deep and mysterious and quite sane for a mad person, ok might not have been funny on paper but it made me chuckle .

With much gratitude hastywords and devotion,

Dan Kline


One Response to “Secrets…..”

  1. Your thoughts here brought tears to my eyes. I appreciate knowing the things I write mean something to someone. Connections are what we look for and I am glad to know I make connections that come from the most honest parts of me. Thank you for this!!!

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