Dental Drama…..

One of my greatest fears started last night, my teeth, I have a very severe problem with my teeth, they are dying from the root out, it is a problem with some of the medications that I have taken and are taking at this point in time and despite my depression I do try to take decent care of my teeth. I have been having severe pain from both of the back teeth in my mouth one on the right side is black and the other hurts like hell below the gum line, well I was eating and I bit down on something and it shot pain through me body like a bolt of lightning from the sky, I cracked my left back tooth in half, so I gave up on eating. I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror when I pushed on the tooth it moved, so I grabbed the piece of tooth and wiggled it out and threw it away. I have had nightmares about all of my teeth falling out and it scares me to think that this is happening; now I have a broken jagged piece of tooth left in my mouth and it is tearing the shit out of the left side of my tongue. I have no dental insurance and Medicare doesn’t cover it so I will wait. I just want them to pull all the teeth in my head and just give ne dentures, which would make the fear, go away. I have lost all but two molars in my mouth and if I get the chance I will get those removed too, perhaps a bridge, the rest of my teeth are dyeing too just not as fast as the rest had, I still have all my front teeth, some are in worse shape than others but they are still there. This is me with a broke ass smile not knowing what to do now, I wonder if I have the balls to pull them myself?

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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