Enter the Sarge…..

Friday, September 14, 2012

I hate to get mad over the same thing more than one time, I try to talk, to explain but I am sure it is not getting through to his brain. And then I get mad, and I get stern and on the verge of violence. It should have sunk in by now what is expected, but it never seems so. I talk so that he doesn’t get in trouble for the same things he keeps doing time and time again. I am not a nice person when I am angry but I will be damned if I continue to talk and get no results. Now is the time for action to take the next logical step in the punishment equation, his things I am going to start taking his things from him starting tonight with his laptop, and if he continues down this path I will take another thing until all he has left in his room is a bed, no blankets, no sheets and no pillows just a bed. I hope and pray to the God and the Goddess that it only goes so far but I do have to remind you he is from my loins. And if after all of his favorite things are gone and he still is doing the same thing I will use military corporal punishment, pushups, chair stands and those really suck you have to put your back straight against the wall and slide down till you are in the sitting position and stay that way till you are told to recover, try it, it is a killer to your legs bet most of you won’t last five minutes and you will damn sure feel it tomorrow, if that don’t work we will move onto mountain climbers, where you get on your hands and have your feet stretched out behind you and you have to move alternating legs and arms till you are allowed to recover, the worst is to have to stand at attention till you are told to recover, to stand rock still and not move until either you are told to recover or you pass out, this is a last resort and I happen to know the secret to it, flex your knees, if you don’t bend them in the slightest all the blood in your brain will evacuate and go to your lower extremities and you will lose consciousness. It is time to show him who the parent is and who the child is, he is too old for a spanking I stopped that with all the others at his age so I will not disrespect him by making him drop his drawers and line up for an ass whooping, plus it happened to me way too many times as a child, don’t get me wrong if he deserves it he will get it but I want to use other measures first.

Sergeant William Kline US Army Medically Discharged

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