Lets see of we can define who Dan is…..

I am not a country boy, I am not a redneck, I am not a cowboy or a city boy, and hell I don’t think I was much of a soldier, so who and what am I? I need to find that answer I have tried to be all of those people I have listed above but I don’t fit in any one of those categories, bottom line I don’t know who I am, I am just me, can I be a combination of all of those things and still have a sense of my own identity? I am not clearly defined, take my music choices for example, I am listening to George Strait and can sing ever word to every song note for note, and yet this morning I was listening to Joss Stone a female blues singer. Later I was listening to Lindsey Stirling a violinist with a techno back beat then I was listening to Great White, see even my music choices don’t fit into a certain profile or genre if you please, what and who am I, that is the thought for this moment.


3 Responses to “Lets see of we can define who Dan is…..”

  1. Um…you’re Dan Kline. (There are those others, but you know what I mean.) Dan Kline who was sent to war; Dan Kline who hunts for food; Dan Kline who listens to Joss Stone and Iron Maiden; Dan Kline who screams at the world and takes his son to the zoo. You aren’t these things – they are what make you.

    Or I might just be rambling.

    • so in a word i am the combined experience of all those things, each part makes up the whole of me?

      • There was a you, of course, that existed before all of these things; there is a core you that will always be Dan. The experiences of your life combine to shape who you become; some are in your control, others are not. What happens to you in your childhood leaves an indelible influence on you; what happens to you in times of stress and shock equally affects you. Each part of you completes the Dan who is already there, and there is never a label for that; it is simply you.

        I don’t know if that makes any sense.

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