Music I love…..

Music, it is such a huge part of my control, mentally  and physically it doth soothe the savage beast but I want to be submersed in my music, I want to hear it well not as loud as I want but the speakers I have do just the trick. The music that you hear me play will give you a huge clue as to what I am feeling like right now I feel like I am an outsider, so I am listening to some of my favorites from Great White, man this is my favorite band of all time, not only are they good but the lead singer looks just like my older brother. I will expand on why I am feeling like an outsider later, but do me a favor if you like Glam rock or just good music download one of their greatest hits albums and you will come to find that Jack Russell’s voice is amazing, not to mention the guitar music is complex and soothing.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

Ps. I wish I could just upload files on her of some of my favorites so you don’t have to go looking for them. I know what I will do I will put a link on this page when it works right that will get you the file you want, but you will need a torrent down loader like BitTorrent to down load it. I have also found that my music tastes are changing, I am mostly a country fan but I have been experimenting with female jazz singers like Joss Stone, Susan Tedeschi and of course if you haven’t heard Carrie Underwoods new single check it out on youtube it is called Blown Away very dark for a country song.

Tell me what you think.

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