Thanks for leaving us in a mess…..

Well now that, that is out of our system let’s see if we can move forward, shall we? What we need is help and Gerri is right we cannot do it here when we worry over her well being and general health and we have been contributing to the problem, my how she must feel to have one such as I tramping about the house being a, I have all over the place emotionally, I have a sense of self but unfortunately I don’t have a name, all that I know is that Dan needs me right now to handle a bit of a situation that he seems to be unable to handle. I wonder have I written on here before, do any of you know who I am, I think therefore I am, but who the hell am I? Should we keep ourselves a secret from Gerri and let her think we are Dan, only to keep her from feeling any more pressure and fear than she already feels. I am not sure what part I am of Dan but I think he just gave up and pop here I am, is this how this works, problems arise and bam another person just takes over and controls where he can’t? I don’t even like the way this is, hell he has put us in a bit of a predicament and now we have to clean up the mess that he has created. Hmmm, we will see.

No Name call me We.

2 Responses to “Thanks for leaving us in a mess…..”

  1. Hi, We. I haven’t met you yet. It’s interesting that Dan seems to always have a backup plan – if only most of us could do that! If Dan needs your help, I’m happy that you can do that. Let him rest, though. He can’t keep pushing himself all the time.

    • We will not let anything happen to Dan, not on our watch, he needs tom get his mind in order, so maybe he needs to seperate himself for a bit from the situation. I know that Dan values what you have to say, you give him a good feeling and he needs that.

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