My God what the fuck is wrong with this picture…..

Let me see where did I leave off the last time I spoke to all of you, well I cant remember so I will just fill you in from over the last few days.

My wife has asked me to leave so that I can work on myself and she can distress, due to the fact that I am one of her leading stress factor. She worries over me about how I am going to act and what I am going to do. I agree with her that I am unpredictable with my moods and actions. Ok here is the jamb in this part of the storey I have no place to go to, at all none of my friends, the few that I have, have any room for another person. Russel has his in laws living with him; Stephen has his Uncle living with him and a friend that he works with. So I told Gerri I would go and pitch a tent at Yellow Bank WMA, well I hit a snag with that one Russel just came and got the tent that I was going to use and I cannot find the poles to my own tent.

Well I went into the living room to discuss how she was going to handle Dylan and the fact that he has had detention for 3 weeks in a row, I told her I wouldn’t be here and what was she going to do, well that started out on the wrong foot and it only got worse from there, but I feel like that she cannot handle Dylan and that leaves Nanny to discipline him. It went on to go into the fact that I feel that she doesn’t care where I go as long as I am not here, I told her that she didn’t even mention the fact that I would be sleeping in a tent in the woods, and did that not bother her, she replied that she said something when I first told her several days ago about it. I feel it is very unfair that I have to leave, hell I don’t do anything but sit in my room, and now she doesn’t even ask me to help her because I get upset when I have to do something for her, I call bullshit on this one right here, yes I might have said the icy hot wasn’t working but I sure as hell put it on her every time she asked, now she doesn’t even ask me to do anything she gets her mother to do it, and hell her mother ignores me, just plain ignores me unless I speak to her, otherwise I am just another fixture in the house.

Now look I know how I am and I know what I need , I think to do to help myself but I am being separated from my family because of being me and having problems of my own, that no one recognizes as being there, it isn’t a physical malady you can’t see it you can’t put a band aid on it, it is a mental disability and I deserve as many rights as a person who is suffering a physical problem, this is how I am feeling I am being treated, you can’t see it there isn’t nothing wrong with you. I am even getting from my wife the feeling that my problems are not as important as hers, I know she doesn’t think that way but what and where am I suppose to go, I am a person that needs stability and the ladder has been kicked out from underneath me and I am hanging onto the gutter of my life. You tell me if this is right and that this is the best possible thing for me right now. I just wish her mother would give me the money I am waiting on so I can just fucking leave, I will go live under a bridge somewhere if I have to.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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