Life where to begin and where to end…..

You wonder if life is worth living, you ask yourself this question on a daily basis, do I want to live or would the world be better off without you. It is something that victims of comptemplated life takers ask themselves every day. I live with my apparent suicide like a drug addict, it is there you act on it or you don’t, don’t hakes life harder but doing means not knowing what happens next and that is where my addiction to life comes into play, I have to know what happens next. If you don’t want to live then go and die with some dignity, if you are like me then you have to know, so you do other things like cutting, sometimes deep others a just a scratch on the skin, it makes you feel in control of the world around you, I am in control I can cut just so deep and it will hurt but it won’t kill me, but I am in control of what happens, I am a true chicken shit, I scratch the surface, I am a trained CLS Combat Life Saver and I know just how to cut deep enough to give me the feeling of control, but not deep enough that I can’t stop the bleeding, take a life give a life it is hard to understand where to draw that line.

With much love and devotion,

Dan Kline


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