Some things need to be forgotten and we move on…..

The past is an infinite room of things wrong and right, it is the room in your mind where you keep every wrong that has been done to you, you keep it locked up till it overflows, the waves of despair and anguish come whether you want them to or not, I would call myself an expert on this, but we all react differently to what comes out, some it is sadness, some it is despair, others it is anger. I can never tell one person how to take control of those emotions because I haven’t figured it out myself. Look at what has happened, take a good long look and see what nit is that is actually at the core of the feelings, is it loss, danger, mistrust it doesn’t matter what is at the root of the problem just follow it and find yourself at the core of the problem. I cant tell anyone how to deal with the root problem, I am still dealing with it myself, but I have found my root problem and part of it is abandonment it is key to how I feel, I am dealing with it yet again, but I know I will be all right, it is what I do.

With much love and devotion,

Dan Kline


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