How to remember the little things, and 101 other pieces of useful advice…..

Funny I am writing this with a green crayola marker because they won’t let me have a pencil in the hospital.

When I called you earlier and asked if you loved me and you said,” Dan I will always love you.” You put it in the past tense so I wanted to tell you where I failed to keep our love alive to survive. I failed you by not saying it; I failed you by not showing you. I had stopped doing all those little things that made you know that I love you. I stopped kissing you; these are just some of the ways I failed in our love.

I am not asking you to take me back and if you feel that what we had cannot be saved then I will have face that on my own terms.

But I also remembered some of the things I do love about you, your smile, I mean when you really smile and your eyes light up in merriment. I love the way your hair only turns gray, but only down the center of your hair it looks like a skunk, lol. The sound of your laugh that is one of the things I miss the most I used to be able to make laugh so hard you almost pee yourself. I miss watching you put on your make-up, I know it is a little weird but you put so much concentration and care into each thing you do when you put it on. And one a bit more out there than that last one, I miss the smell of the face powder you use, but always seem to be out of, you tell me that every time you use it no matter how much is in the jar. I miss the turban look when you are finished with a bath and you wrap all of your hair in a towel and it looks like a turban, I also miss the way the bath towel plays peek-a-boo with your buttocks as you look for your clothes in the closet. This is mine to say about you, these are the things about you that still to this day make me smile with love and wonderment that I have you in my life.

I am not asking for anything in return from this I just thought you should know where I failed over the last several months to keep our love alive, this is my burden now, you can lay it on my shoulders and I will carry it for you.

With love and devotion,

Dan Kline


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