Notable Words…..

Hurt you hurt, you sting you bite you tear at what I have lost, ripped from me, torn from me, ravaged beyond repair, lacerations that cant heal, pain beyond belief and I am to blame never to be forgiven, always wrong, always my fault, me, me, me, me, I can no longer care because you have torn to the very heart and center of my soul, and yet I am to blame. I can’t change me take me for who I am or don’t take me at all, this is who I am I am fallible, reclusive, torn, ripped, shredded mess of a person who walks the very earth you rip from under my feet. To change is fearful, terrible pain, scorn and discontent, I say you, you have been the light, extinguished, the path lost in the forest. Making my own path lost un sea worthy, leaking, unpatchable.

Now strong standing on my own, needing you but will lose you, repair, remake, reproduce things that once were but can never be again.



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