Paranoia satisfied, possible new beginnings…..

It seems that I was right in my paranoia, she is still talking to the guy I had asked her not to talk to on the internet or otherwise and was doing so since before I had left, she also admitted to talking to “other” single guys on face book, so I am vindicated in my paranoia. She did tell me that she loves me and that no she wasn’t going to stop talking to single men, quandary right there. I cannot make her do something that she doesn’t want to do nor would I try, but I think it only fair that until things are decided that we both keep to ourselves and not something foolish, but I have no control over that. I always trust my instincts, I knew there was more to this than there seemed, question is, is this what is she getting out of talking to single men, a thrill, some danger, some excitement or is it the attention that they may be paying her?

Last night we talked about what had started this whole mess a memory from an email I sent to my ex-wife in 2005 talking about mourning lost loves, and the ones we will never get back, apparently I sent that to my ex-wife and she forwarded it to Gerri. That plus the several times I have left her and the one time I cheated on her is hard to take, I know a lot about bottling ones emotions and what happens when you do. She also told me that she loves me and if we have a future together that we would have to start fresh, get a divorce and get remarried. Well if that were to happen I will not fork out the money to get divorced, I will however foot the bill to renew our vows that will have to be enough. I also said that I would find a ceremony in our religion that ends and begins love and life anew. But still no promises on her part and I can see why.

With much love and devotion,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “Paranoia satisfied, possible new beginnings…..”

  1. Only from knowing them, but with the combination of a certain one i had asked her not to have contact with even before i moved out she was still talking to him on text and face book

  2. My ex-girlfriend — the one who meant everything to me until it all ended — got in touch with me once through Facebook. I told my wife, and she asked me not to reply. It hurt, but I did it.

    When I started talking to artytelf, my wife asked me not to. That was something I wasn’t willing to do, because I cared for her and was hurt by her past. So we came to a compromise, that I wouldn’t share anything personal with her.

    There are always ways to satisfy both sides. I haven’t finished reading all your posts about this, but is your wife talking to single guys because they’re single, or because she happens to know them? After all, everyone knows single people.

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